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Neatsvor X520 Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner that has absolutely everything you need for a complete wash. You can choose between vacuuming or washing. It comes with 1 bucket for dust and 1 bucket for mop and washing. With 6000 PA suction power, you can be sure to take with you everything from dog hair, dust, food debris, and dirt that is stuck to carpets.

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The robot is all black which looks good. However, it is a typical round structure that does not stand out from anything else. I’ve had a lot of similar designs for testing, but I still think black is the best in this case. The Neatsvor X520 measures 330 x 330 x 75 mm, so it is also quite low and should easily drive under furniture or a bed. The robot has side brushes, but due to the round structure, you shouldn’t expect a thorough cleaning of the corners. Between the wheels, there is a brush approx. 145 mm long, which means it is not too long. It has traditional bristles and rubber parts to help clean the surface thoroughly. It can also be easily removed and cleaned.


Its virtual map system will show you a map of the house in the app. The robot will create a map while cleaning. Also, you can see it in the cleaning history at a later time. The robot creates a different map each time and, thanks to its intelligence, can improve the cleaning path.


In addition to its high suction power, the Neatsvor X520 can also scrub, for which it has one of the largest water tanks in the category, with 350 milliliters of capacity, which allows you to scrub large rooms with a single charge.


The Neatsvor X520 has two side brushes, which collect dirt towards the center of the device, where the central roller and its high suction capacity do the rest. The central multi-surface brush combines rubber and bristles to obtain a good result on both hard floors and carpets, where it helps to loosen dirt, In addition, its design prevents hair tangles to a certain extent.


With the help of a brushless motor and unique turbo suction booster design, it can maximize the powerful suction power up to 6000 Pa. Make sure your floor is always clean and can collect all kinds of dirt

3 Cleaning Modes

You can clean the whole house by choosing one of the 3 cleaning powers. Select the energy-saving mode to perform a very quiet cleaning for a long period while minimizing consumption. The normal mode is very suitable for daily cleaning and the turbo mode is suitable for deep cleaning.


The battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh, which is enough to clean the area of ​​200-250m^2 and for 2-2.5 hours of work. Of course, while it is running, the device can return to the charging station, recharge, and continue cleaning. The charging time is 4 hours. The manufacturer decided to use wheels that allow you to overcome thresholds up to 15 mm, which is slightly smaller than in the case of the competition. They should also not scratch the panels.


You control the robotic vacuum cleaner with a mop using a remote control or a mobile application, where you will also see the cleaning history with a cleaning map. You can also add cleaning plans here, for example, every weekday from 8 am. With the remote control, you can easily control the robot vacuum cleaner. At the same time, you can change the mode, set up schedules, turn on the washing function, and adjust the suction power. If desired, you can also activate Edge Cleaning, which is perfect for cleaning narrow corners and moldings.


Neatsvor X520 is a powerful and functional robotic vacuum cleaner with a built-in washing function. Battery life is good, and you have the opportunity to clean several rooms and floors. The suction power is surprisingly good and is twice as powerful as its predecessor, the Neatsvor X500. Despite this, the battery life is still good (120-180 minutes), and the noise level is more than acceptable.

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