Netizens can’t wait for Redmi K60 Debut


Today’s news, a netizen to Lu Weibing message, asking Redmi K60 what upgrade point. Lu Weibing replied: So anxious.

Currently Redmi K60 series has received 3C certification, the official release will not be too far away. At the same time, Qualcomm announced the commercial list of the second generation of Snapdragon 8, Redmi is prominent in the list, it can confirm that K60 series is equipped with Qualcomm’s second generation of Snapdragon 8.

It is worth noting that the K60 series is not the full standard Snapdragon 8 second generation. Blogger Digital chat site has hinted that the K60 series also has a Snapdragon 8+ chip, so the K60 series premium version will use the second generation Snapdragon 8.

In addition, Redmi K60 series has a 2K straight screen, OLED, 64 megapixel rear main shot in the standard version and 50 megapixel rear main shot in the premium version, both of which support OIS optical anti-shakeout.

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In terms of fast charge, Redmi K60 series standard edition supports 67W wired flash charge, and the premium edition supports 120W wired flash charge. Considering that Redmi Note 12 Exploration Edition is already commercially available with 210W flash charge, the possibility of a 210W version of the K60 series cannot be ruled out.


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