New BMOR YOLO TPD Version Now Available


BMOR being one of the famous makers of decent vaping kits has also released the new YOLO Vape TPD version. This one is like an alternative model of the previous released BMOR YOLO. Currently, this new version is officially available for purchase on the BMOR official website.

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BMOR YOLO Vape TPD version comes preloaded with  2ml (TPD)/ 20mg nicotine salt. To spice up the vaping experience, there are nine (9) famous flavors and two (2) additional flavors (Peach Ice and Mint Menthol).

Nevertheless, it is a known fact that every BMOR YOLO models are built to satisfy every minute of your vaping time. This new version carries 3.5ml e-liquid despite its compact size. It is powerful enough to deliver up to 800 enjoyable puffs.

YOLO Vape TPD Main Features:

  • 1. 2 ml e-Juice.
  • 2. 1.2Ω mesh coil.
  • 3. 2% salt nicotine.
  • 4. 500 Puffs.
  • 5. In-built 400mAh battery capacity.

BMOR YOLO Vape TPD version features an in-built 1.2Ω mesh coil inside the pod. With 550mAh battery, this Vape Pod is scheduled to deliver rich, and satisfying taste till the flavor finish.

It still has the same stylish lanyard seen on the previous YOLO version. With this item inside the package box, this is one of the must-have accessories. You can vape anywhere, and wherever you want with enough ease.

Where To Buy:

The new YOLO Vape TPD version is currently available on the BMOR official website. You can still join the BMOR Sell-On Credit Campaign.


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