New Elephone Smartphone with Curved screen and Ceramic Back Cover Unveiled


Right now Elephone has not only been ready for the old model, Elephone P9000 promotion, but also the new models, Elephone C1, Elephone R9 and Elephone S7. But Elephone R9 and Elephone S7 have not been released. Today Elephone released the other news about a new elephone smartphone with curved screen and ceramic back cover.


According to the latest news, Elephone is planning this mysterious model  in the near future with a curved screen  with a brand new ceramic back cover. As you know, Xiaomi has Xiaomi MI5 which comes with ceramic body that is more durable, more corrosion-resistant, but also solves the problem of obvious back antenna. In terms of the unveiled pictures, the new smartphone will also use curved screen and it has very sleek design.


Therefore, it’s very worthwhile to expect this new phone coming. Right now there is no details about the specs, features and release date. We will report more, stay tuned.


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