New Sony Xperia XZ4 Amazing Concept With Dual Rear Camera


Sony Xperia XZ4 is the last phone I was expecting to see today, but it somehow popped up in my YouTube feed. It’s a Smartphone360 render and I recommend you subscribe to their channel because they’re quite prolific in the field. Let’s check it out.

First of all, I have to say I’ve been playing with a Sony Xperia XZ3 for a while now and I’m loving the design. Improvements could still be made, like getting rid of the fingerprint scanner at the back or moving the camera higher. This new concept Xperia XZ4 gets a vivid purple and yellow hue, plus its chin has been totally cut down. The front panel is curved on the sides as we saw on the XZ3.

The smartphone packs a dual camera, with 24MP + 16MP combo and a DSLR system. A 6.2-inch P-OLED screen is also here, rather large for Sony, who aside from the Ultras haven’t quite played this field.

A Snapdragon 855 CPU is inside, up to 8GB of RAM too and up to 256GB of storage. Why not 512GB? Since Samsung already did it. There’s a 24MP front camera, but don’t get fooled by the resolution, since I’ve seen 20MP selfie shooters underperforming.

A 4000mAh battery is also here, while the fingerprint scanner has been embedded in the screen. I feel that the back is more like something HTC would do if they got rid of the gloss. Or maybe OnePlus… It’s still better than the XZ2 and XZ3 curved back. What do you say? Matte or glossy?

According to the information on this website, the special model of the next generation “Xperia” should look like this. The alphabet of the first letter indicates the year of sale, and this year becomes “H”. From this, “I” can be judged as “2019”. On the other hand, the possibility that “RAM 6GB” or the like is limited to a specific market is high. If this information is correct, it is very gratifying news for fans of “Xperia”.

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