New Xiaomi Appliance Heater Released: Design Reward, Only For $43.34


On December 26th, the Xiaomi appliance heater officially opened crowdfunding, convection circulation heating, intelligent constant temperature, dual-use bath, support remote control, and can switch the temperature without going out of bed. The original price is 349 yuan, and the crowdfunding limit is 299 yuan ($$43.34).

The Mi appliance heater is developed by Xiaomi and Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Zhimi Technology, which can heat the local air inside the house and make it form a density difference with the cold air, thus generating convection effect, driving the indoor air circulation heating, and the traditional radiant heater. Compared with the oil heater, the rice appliance heater has the advantages of rapid heating and low drying, and the user feels more comfortable when using it.

The Mi appliance heater supports more precise temperature regulation and has a constant temperature function. It supports 20°C, 22°C, 24°C, 26°C, and 32°C five-speed temperature regulation. When the ambient temperature reaches the preset temperature, it automatically reduces the power operation and maintains the temperature constant.

It has a built-in WiFi module that can be connected to the Mijia APP and Xiaoai speakers, and supports remote control and voice control, allowing users to control the switch and temperature adjustment without having to warm the bed in winter.

The Xiaomi appliance heater body is covered with flame-retardant material and supports IPX4 grade splashing level. With the inclined side grid and eave type power fixing plate design, the Mi appliance heater can also enter the bathroom to provide heating service.

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In order to make the user safer to use the Mijia app for remote control, the Mi appliance heater also has a built-in overheat protection sensor and dumping power-off switch. When the body is tilted more than 45° due to external force or the cavity temperature exceeds 95°C, the Mi appliance The heater will automatically cut off the power to prevent potential safety hazards.

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