New Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Concept: First Gaming Phone With Triple Rear Camera Setup


As a gaming phone, Xiaomi Black Shark has received a lot of attention after its launch. In particular, the physical joypad used in this game phone breaks the traditional gaming phone control method. So what might the next generation of Xiaomi Black Shark look like? Today a foreign media release conceptual designs for the Xiaomi Black Shark 2, and the design is very beautiful.

In terms of the design of the body, the design of this Xiaomi Black Shark 2 game phone is somewhat different from the traditional one. Although the texture on the back of the fuselage is still similar to the previous model, the bumpy layer of the fuselage is stronger and it makes the hand feel more stable and better while playing games.

Not only is the convexity of the stronger body, the rear camera of new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 also adopts a new design. The number of the rear camera increases to 3, which means that this game phone is not only for gaming, but also want to build a powerful camera phone.

The bumpy fuselage of this brand new black shark 2 mobile phone is not only for a higher feel but also a very large upgrade in terms of heat dissipation. After the Xiaomi Black Shark game phone is layered, the heat inside the fuselage can also be radiated through these layers during high-intensity operation, and the metal body material design is improved for heat dissipation.

This new Xiaomi Black Shark 2 game phone has the English logo in the groove at the bottom of the phone and is marked with brighter and brighter colors and it also canceled the bottom 3.5mm headphone jack, changed to Bluetooth or USB-C transfer, the bottom of the phone uses a speaker and microphone stacking design, this design is currently more mainstream the design of.

The configuration of the processor is still not yet determined, but according to the design concept of the black shark mobile phone, the hardware configuration will not be bad. If you want to be able to take all the games, then the processor must be the latest, and currently, the Opteron processor is still the best choice.

What do you think of the concept of this new Xiaomi Black Shark 2? The design is not the kind of game phone you want, the hardware configuration top design trend, do you think this game phone is worth selling? If this game phone is really on sale, I think Xiaomi Mi 8 cannot buy it for the time being.

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Update on Nov.23, 2018

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