Nikon nicol Z 85mm f / 1.2S lens is coming soon, priced at 19,999 yuan,$137


According to Nikon, the Nikkor Z 85mm f / 1.2oz lens will go on sale on March 23, priced at 19,999 yuan,$137.

The Nikkor Z 85mm f / 1.2S is an S-Line (S-type) Nikkor Z lens, using the same design philosophy as the Nikkor Z 50mm f / 1.2S, with an emphasis on virtual rendering during development.

The lens uses low dispersion (ED) lenses to reduce color dispersion at the blurred edges, while optimizing the lens structure to achieve soft blurring characteristics. Nikon says the Nikcol Z 85mm f / 1.2S also offers excellent rendering capabilities that beautifully express the texture of skin and hair, further expanding the possibilities for portrait photography in areas such as weddings and fashion.

The Nikkel Z 85mm f / 1.2s features a multi-focus system that delivers autofocus performance even at shallow depth of field at f / 1.2’s maximum aperture. In addition, the lens is equipped with a stepper motor (STM) for smooth and quiet focusing operations, enabling users to better focus on photo taking and video recording.

Main functional characteristics
A balance between high resolution and beautiful smoothing and blurring features that utilize the shallow depth of field of f / 1.2’s maximum aperture.

As the distance from the focal plane gradually increases, the beautiful fade effect and soft background fade are achieved. The blurred edges do not have colored edges, helping to further highlight the main subject.

A multi-focus system with a stepper motor (STM) provides fast, accurate, and quiet autofocus for taking photos and recording videos.

Using Nikon’s original nanocrystalline coating, effectively reduce ghost and glare.

One low dispersion (ED) lens and two aspherical lenses are used to correct various aberrations effectively.

Equipped with electromagnetic aperture device, easy to use.

Considering the design of video recording, quiet operation and stable exposure can be achieved. Moreover, the focus breathing compensation function can effectively reduce the deviation of the perspective when focusing.


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