Ninebot Children’s Electric Scooter A6 Officially Released


On July 9, company Ninebot unveiled its children’s electric scooter A6, which is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 8 and is more fun to play with than traditional scooters. The initial price is 599 yuan.

Ninebot children’s electric scooter A6 has been upgraded from a traditional three-wheeled scooter to a two-wheeled scooter, which can better exercise children’s balance and control.

Ninebot independently developed electric power play, one foot standing on the scooter, the other foot pedaling hard, intelligent matching pedal algorithm, pedal the ground harder, the faster.

The sliding speed is set in three levels: 8km/h, 10km/h and 12km/h, which can meet the needs of children of different ages and different gliding proficiency.

The appearance level of Ninebot children’s electric scooter A6 is quite online. It has simple and stylish smooth body, lively and natural color matching, dazzling glowing front wheels, bilateral rainbow breathing lights, cool and attractive.

Ninebot children’s electric scooter A6 is compact and delicate on the whole, about 65cmx 32cm wide × 85cm high, and weighs only about 4.6kg, which can be easily lifted by children themselves. High carbon steel frame, strong and durable, bearing up to 40kg.

In terms of safety, Ninebot children’s electric scooter A6 uses inductive foot switch, intelligent station detection, that is, walk and stop, to achieve the same simple control as the electric scooter, but also to avoid the safety problems caused by forgetting to shut down.

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In addition, 8cm ultra-low pedal, rear fender foot brake, wear-resistant high elastic tires and other human design, it is also equipped with BMS intelligent battery management system, has more than 300 million lithium battery safety management experience, comprehensive guarantee of battery safety.


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