Ninebot One Z6 Review: a 530Wh Electric Unicycle from Xiaomi Mijia For Just $799.99 at Gearbest


Stylish and powerful, the Ninebot One Z6 will appeal to all extreme lovers, as well as those who want to take long walks along forest paths and dirt roads. The 18-inch wheel 10cm thick is enclosed in a durable plastic case, equipped with a vertical row of ice-lamps in the front and a red signal of an unusual shape at the back of the device.


Ninebot One Z6 has a surprising design whose appearance plays with the elegant, the urban and the futuristic. Its dimensions are quite large, 45.70 x 17.80 x 53 cm and has a weight of 23Kg. It is not for less since the unicycle has a wheel of 18 inches of the radius and 10 centimeters of thickness, which is in charge of getting that good grip when it is most needed at high speeds. The design combines simplicity, minimal looks, quality materials and ease of use. Graphite black cover looks positively aggressive and has something to do with sports bikes. There is also parking lever, so you can just park it for a while when you need to stop. It’s also really sturdy and can bear rider up to 150 km, much more than any electric scooter available on GearBest.

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Ninebot One Z6 is equipped with a powerful 1200-watt engine, which is powered by LG lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 574 Wh with BMS security system. The maximum speed that the monowheel is capable of developing is 35 km / h. One battery charge lasts for 40-55 km (depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain features). The durable plastic case reliably protects the electronics from shock and mechanical damage, and the IP56 moisture protection level allows you to ride in the rain and in the snow. As for the useful functionality, the Ninebot One Z6 by default has a Bluetooth module, as well as a special application for smartphones and amount for an action camera.


It comes with two LED lights and a brake light on the rear, which guarantees safe driving. So you can use it to drive at night that nothing will happen, as long as you keep the lights up. We can buy Ninebot One Z6 Electric Unicycle from Xiaomi Mijia For Just $799.99 at Gearbest


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