Ningmei Curved Monitor 27 Inch 1500R Curvature 2560*1440P HD GN276CQ (Review)


The  Ningmei Curved Monitor 27 Inch goes with a colossal – inch tremendous bowed screen with a 21:9 point extent sweeping viewpoint, a Samsung board, and a 2560*1440P pixels screen objective, 144Hz fortify rate, 1500R over the top curve. 4ms response time, suitably decrease game picture stagnation and smear.

Ningmei Curved Monitor


The Ningmei Curved Monitor – inch maintains 121% of the sRGB concealing reach, giving reasonable and delicate tones. The grand concealing execution, clarifying pictures. The 1500R envelop twisted screen brings a more clear solid and video entertainment experience. Additionally, The Mi Surface Display 27 inch goes with AMD Free-Sync advancement which can dependably arrange the screen show at high edge rate input, lessening the waver that happens while playing, works on visual commonality, and immensely updates player reality. The enormous huge screen makes this screen more delightful.

Ningmei Curved Monitor


The Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor Screen is with low blue light control development which can reduce the screen shine of the grandstand. Likewise, The Channel high-energy blue light to keep the picture suffering, consistent, and clear, enough reducing eye exhaustion. The Mi Surface Display 34-inch goes with a segment allowing customers to adjust for lifting and turning the screen.

Ningmei Curved Monitor

Additionally, A 21:9 viewpoint extent expands the edge of the page, outfitting you with more show space. The widescreen moreover supports performing different assignments split-screen taking care of. It has diverse design reports are shown at the same time. More, Significantly further develops work viability. Likewise, It accompanies No glare to secure eyes. There is the RGB light to spice up the gaming experience while utilizing this delightful screen. It has Adjustable base for better customization.

Ningmei Curved Monitor


Ningmei Curved Monitor Screen gives 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 DP1.4, 1 sound port, and so forth More, It is profitable to use. Do you like such a gaming screen? You can without much of a stretch purchase this from Cafago at 186.99euro

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