NIUBILITY N1 Review – 8.5-inch Wheel Electric Scooter at $269.99 From Gearbest


NIUBILITY is a new brand of electric scooters, which has a clear goal: to beat the popular Xiaomi Scooter. The main weapon is a relatively low price and very good characteristics of the scooter. Now Gearbest has surprised us with the news that they are starting to sell the NIUBILITY N1 electric scooter, which specializes in a top speed of 25km / h. The NIUBILITY N1 is a very good sample of what you can now get without exceeding $269.99 and even with a shipment from Poland.

Buy NIUBILITY N1 Electric Scooter From Gearbest


The load capacity of the NIUBILITY N1 is a maximum of 120 kilograms. Of course, here too it depends on the distance you can travel with us, but the maximum can be 25 kilometers. It is almost entirely a Xiaomi clone, as even the appearance of the wheel and the steering wheel control are the same as the product of the big Chinese manufacturer. This gives us a digital battery capacity display and speedometer, as well as front and rear, LED lights.

The Battery Pack is 36 volts and 8.8 amps, with the energy stored in it driving a 250-watt motor. The top speed of the scooter with this engine and 8.5-inch wheels is 25 kilometers per hour. The maximum range is 25 kilometers, and now we also get an exceptionally precise definition of the conditions under which the scooter knows this. According to this, a distance of 25 kilometers can be achieved with a bodyweight of 70 kilograms or less, a straight road, and a maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour.


With its 250W electric motor, it is able to reach the already mentioned final speed. It also got a familiar function from Xiaomi’s electric scooters, so the front wheel was fitted with E-ABS electric and the rear wheel with disc brakes. The wheels are also full of air here, and it only takes a few seconds to fold the NIUBILITY N1. So you can put it in the trunk of your car or get on public transport with it at any time. Anyway, the manufacturer has specified maximum load capacity of 120 kilograms, which is not bad, for other manufacturers the limit of 100 kilograms is not uncommon. The scooter has front and rear lights, we get a disc brake next to the engine brake, and that doesn’t bother him if we live in a hilly place either, because he can still overcome a 15-degree incline.


The Niubility N1 is an exceptional case of a Scooter, which becomes even better if we calculate that in the great offer Gearbest, you can find it with $269.99 FINAL price, and shipping from Poland until Sept 14th.

Buy NIUBILITY N1 Electric Scooter From Gearbest


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