No.1 D6 SmartWatch, A Powerful Little Device Hands On Review


No. 1 looks far away from those times when they used to make smartphones with a design inspired from other popular devices, is good to know that now are a brave brand that take their chances to produce original products and exploring other market, too.

After gathering all the experience making phones jump to design and produce sportbands and smartwatches, and the last one NO.1 D6 is the reason why we’re are writing this paper.

D6 smartwatch in three colors


D6 arrived well protected in a little paper box that includes the watch, data cable, a little capacitive pen and user manual in english language. Charger is not included but you can use any you have in your house (5V).


I used for a week and this little monster is really catchy, lots of people asked me about the device. Made with nice materials; leather, safire crystal and metal case assures a nice looking watch.
For daily basis is comfortable, the band is long enough for a wide wrist like mine and weight less than other regular watches I have, like a G-Shock I use often.
There’s a function I love, you can change the watch faces, every face is different and can have a special feature. To download new ones, just make a long press in the screen, the installed show up, move to the end and you will see a “ + “ sing, tap on it and you gain access to an online store, kind of, where you can download new design faces.


Why I called it “little monster”? Because it is! No.1 managed to put a full mobile chip, Mediatek MT6580 paired with a 1Gb DDR3 RAM this assure an outstanding performance and trust me this fella never go slow.
This configuration provide all the power (and more) you need to move all the task you throw; heart rate, pedometer, weather, phone calls (yes!), bluetooth paired notifications, games, social media, etc.
As mention before, this watch support telephone communication, you need to use the nano sim tray below the battery to transforms you in Night Rider (80’s Tv series), this provide you with 3G data connection to refresh all the data your apps needs or to make calls like a british spy, how cool is that! I found that people can hear you loud and clear and the speaker do its job, for better quality I recommend a bluetooth hands free.

Hear rate meter and pedometer works as expected. For the first one, tap the icon follow the instruction, you would see a green light below the D6, wait a little and that’s it. The apps make a log to control the measures for further consulting.
For the pedometer, I think is active once you turn on the phone, this app have a daily record of your step so you can check the calories burnt or if you were a couch potato that weekend.

This gizmo have the power to move other kind of apps, Play Store is included, so is up to you is you want to test new functions, like games for example.
My experience with the notification app, once its paired with the phone I recommend that allow just the important apps, if you connect something demanding like WhatsApp you’re gonna hear the notifications on the watch all day, so be aware.

Battery could last all day, but if you keep playing all the time, like I did, you would get no more than six hours of juice.


No.1 put enough hardware to assure a fast device that can live for years before it becomes obsolete. The absent of Android Wear can look like a downside, more or less, but since it include android 5.1 and Play Store you’re covered for all you could need.
This little phone looks great on you and the sport apps works like a charm.
There’s somethings that could be better, hope that D6 get a double tap to wake in an update, or, if the brand make a revision of this gadget it would be appreciated that vibrating option is included.
Recently new watches were announced, using Android Wear 2.0, but the price tag doesn’t low the 200 dollars bar, but this little monster, NO.1 D6 can be found around 85 usd, so for your first smartwatch is a really good option.
Pro Tip:
– Once you get the watch, download all the OTA updates.
– Get a spare battery.


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