No.1 F5 Smartwatch| Wear The Best | Design, Hardware, Features Review @COOLICOOL (Coupon Inside)


The No.1 F5 Smartwatch now adopts a sporty look seems that it’ll now not be terrible in any respect at all. It is available in a color version with black and crimson inserts, but different appealing shades will honestly be to be had.The NO.1 is a long way from being a massive corporation within the sector, but it’s far without a doubt one of the maximum crucial within the phase of wearables at low costs. The no different logo gives a lot of variety or possibilities.


Nicely, the No.1 F5 Smartwatch is a brand new smartwatch that brings us a design for folks that like “outdoor”, in view that it is strong and capable of face up to unfavorable conditions. The display screen is in color, but, you will have a “flat tire”. It ought to be mentioned that the No.1 F5, is the successor of the smartband No.1 F4, which the company committed to a more present day and appealing design, which introduced around layout and sporty style, compared to its predecessor that had a rectangular design.


beneath the robust frame, we find a widespread NRF52832 processor that is greater than enough now not to weigh the everyday development of the applications. Its constrained 512KB of ROM and 64KB of RAM are not an obstacle to offer enormous functionalities and educate the actual possibilities of a hardware adjusted to the wishes of this smartwatch.


The brand new No.1 F5 Smartwatch can have four exciting capabilities. the primary of them is a built-in GPS module so one can allow you to the song all movements, so you can pass on tour, for education, after which test the direction at domestic. The Smartwatch may even file the temperature and altitude in real time, which can also be checked later in the application. some other top characteristic is the 25-day standby time, that is an awful lot longer than similar watches. F5 will be water-resistant, IP67 licensed, so as to allow it to be used at some stage in rain, maybe splashproof. It adopts a modern-day and sporty layout whilst nevertheless maintaining the rugged build NO.1’s merchandise is recognized for. It has an altimeter, with the intention to allow us to continually realize our state of affairs with appreciate to sea stage, barometer, with which we will understand the atmospheric strain and thermometer to find out the out of doors temperature at a look. some of these characteristics are integrated into the NO. 1 F5 and open many possibilities to mountaineers, skiers or truly hikers who want to have the maximum unique monitoring of their routes.the usage of Bluetooth four.2 generation, it’ll permit us to hook up with Android devices advanced to model four.4 and iOS nine.0 (for iPhone users), with the need to download the native software of NO.1.


No.1 F5 Smartwatch also gives a temperature sensor that measures real-time, a strain sensor, and an altimeter to discover the height. For the moment, we do now not have any further details about this smartwatch. No.1 F5 Smartwatch is now available on COOLICOOL simply at $44.99 the use of Coupon Code: NO1F5.


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