No.1 F6 Rugged Smartwatch: One of the Best Brands of Smartwatches Brings Us Its New Device


The quality of smartwatches of NO.1 isn’t a subject of discussion. it is no secret to anyone that this Chinese brand is a specialist in these and the smart brands; thus their devices are always up to any demand. they’re characterized by offering avant-garde designs and, additionally, manufactured with the best and most resistant materials. After launching the F5 smartwatch around 2 months ago, they’re currently back with its successor the NO.1 F6 and you can watch it’s short introductory video down below.

Let’s continue with the battery, it has a capacity of 350 mAh and according to the company, the F6 can indeed last up to 50 days with on a single charge, something that will be appreciated by users who actively use their smartwatch. Its most important functions are related to physical and sports activities, like active heart rate monitoring, step counter, calorie counter, Multi-Sport Mode that automatically detects the type of activity you’re doing.

Additionally, NO.1 F6 notifies you about incoming calls and messages as well as for updates from social networks. it is getting to hit the market terribly soon at an unbelievable price. If you want to find out more about the NO.1 F6 rugged smartwatch thus visit on the official website.

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