NO.1 G6 – The latest version of No.1 Smart Watch (Coupon included)


The No.1 G6, the latest release of No.1, the successor-to-be of the G5, has been adjudged to be a better smartwatch than the G5. From  what we know, this is especially for the areas of design, functions and storage, the G6 is purported to be quite a beast of an improvement over the current G5 smartwatch.


The G6 has a circular 240 * 240 pixel resolution display, while being powered by a MediaTek MT2502 processor, internal storage memory of 128mb with the possibility of being expanded by the use of a Micro SD and a RAM size of 64MB.


The watch’s bezel is quite thick and exhibits the numbers 1 to 12 clearly printed on it which is not really a notable feature per among smart watches. It is designed towards fitness personnel as it promises to be a better partner for fitness activities.


Like any other smartwatch, No.1 G6 comes with the necessary apps pre-installed such as contacts, call logs, SMS Messaging apps, Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, etc.

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With these applications, users can minimize their time on their smartphones as they will be able to remotely control the information stored by these apps right from their wrists.


The No.1 G6 features Heart rate monitor, with a) an optical heart rate detector, it will record your heartbeat so as to change your bad habits to build a healthy body, b) PSG, for automatic tracks your sleep time and quality, including deep sleep, light sleep, and awake, c) Sedentary remind in order to remind you to stand up for a while after keeping long-time of sitting pose, switch an unhealthy lifestyle, d) Information pushing, which supports Facebook, Twitter, incoming call, SMS, etc., d) Sports record so you track your sports distance, calories burned, time, goal, etc., it will help analysis sports state to improve your plans.

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The No.1 G6 is equipped with a big capacity battery of 380mAh polymer lithium battery, for longer using time. It weight: 0.055 kg.

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The No1. G5 is in presales right now at Gearbest tiil 22nd of October, so if you want to order it, you can do it at a lower price for $38.78 if you use our coupon GB9%!



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