NO.1 G8 Review: Budget Smartwatch with Multimode & Removable Straps


NO.1 is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of the smartwatch, in its catalog has a wide range of models to meet the needs and tastes of all users. NO.1 G8 is one of the latest products that has launched to the market and is characterized mainly by the inclusion of a slot to place a nano-SIM card, this way we can make calls independently without the need to carry the smartphone.

Technical Specifications: NO.1 G8

Processor MediaTek MT2502
Heart Rate Monitor MC3413-P
Display 1.3 inch IPS touch screen with 240 x 240 pixels
R.A.M. 32 MB
Internal memory 32 MB (not expandable)
Battery pack 300 mAh / up to 120 hours running time
SIM nano
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 2G GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
App Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 or later
Features (Clock, fitness tracker, smartphone), wake-up gesture, push messages
Material Stainless steel (case), silicone (bracelet)
Dimensions 53 x 45 x 13.5 mm
Weight 61.4 g
Delivery 1x NO.1 G8, 1x user manual, 1x charging cable

Unboxing and Design

The NO.1 G8 smartwatch comes in a cardboard box with a very small size and a very simple design that is based on white. The design is so simple that we do not even see an image of the product since the only thing we see is the logo of the brand and a few small icons of colors. At the back is a sticker that tells us the model of the product and little else.

We open the box and then we see the smartwatch very well accommodated by a piece of foam, this has the function of preventing it from moving during transport to be carried to its final destination in perfect condition. We removed the watch and found a USB charging cable and a light green spare strap that we can put in a very simple way if we tire of excess white.

The NO.1 G8 smartwatch is based on a rather traditional design but has a touch of modernity that will appeal to young audiences. Its body is spherical not to distance itself from the traditional clock designs because by many smartwatches it is still a wristwatch and personally believes that this design is a success. It is built with a steel and plastic body that combines the color of metal with black, to the body is attached a white silicone strap although we can change it to the green that is attached to the bundle in a very simple, especially If we have a bit of skill.

The device mounts a 1.3-inch TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels that sits on the line of other similar devices. On the left side of the watch body, two physical buttons are located to operate the smart watch. If we focus on the interior hides a hardware led by the processor MediaTek MTK2502 and that is accompanied by a battery of 300 mAh that promises an autonomy of 72 hours.

The size of the watch is 4.2 cm x 4.2 cm x 1.2 cm with a weight of 62 grams and a belt length of 23 cm. On the right side, we see the micro-USB charging port and microphone. We look at the bottom of the watch and appreciate the sensor for the cardiac pulse and the slot to place a nano-SIM card, the latter is something that differentiates this smartwatch and gives a great added value by being able to make calls independently Without the need to have the smartphone next.

NO.1 G8 offers us three sphere designs so we can have it the way we like it:

MultiModes Features

As with other smartwatches and fitness trackers, the standards are also included in the G8. Including a step counter, a sleep timer, a pulse meter, an alarm, an alarm when sitting too long, a memory of drinking and  push messages. The latter are also easily transferred to WhatsApp on you watch. Surprisingly, however, there is no calorie and odometer. As usual, the vibration is relatively weak.

NO.1 G8 Pulse measurement
The pulse can be measured directly over the clock.
NO.1 G8 WhatsApp message
WhatsApp messages are also shown on the display.

New and interesting are the three modes, which can be set at the Smartwatch. These call themselves  watch fashion , bracelet fashion and phone fashion. Here is a brief explanation of what is hidden behind this:

  • Watch Mode: very energy-saving, only shows the time
  • Bracelet Mode: Provides the “Fitness Tracker Features”
  • Phone Mode: requires inserted nano SIM card, offers in addition to all functions the possibility to call directly on the clock
NO.1 G8 Modes Display

The three selectable modes.

Synchronization with smartphone and operating system

The NO.1 G8 smartwatch is synchronized with our smartphone through its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity as is common in all smartwatch. To do so, we only have to enter the menu of the smartwatch, access the Bluetooth options and search our smartphone to synchronize it, we will see a key in both the clock and smartphone that we must check and accept. To be able to take advantage of all the functions in Android we must install an application that can be downloaded using a QR code including the clock itself and we will see later.

NO.1 G8 offers some very interesting functions among which are the possibility of making calls from a numeric marker or directly from the phonebook synchronized with our smartphone, being able to put a nano-SIN card can operate independently without the need for Be connected to the smartphone, this is the main value of this smartwatch.

We can also perform the most typical functions in this type of product and among them are to check the call log and text messages , play the music stored in our smartphone and control their cameras can use the watch as a shutter. Finally we find anti-loss smartphone functions that will make it sound if you lose the bluetooth connection, and applications for calculator, stopwatch, calendar, pedometer , sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor and a curious function to remind us that we should drink on a regular basis throughout the day. It also informs us of parameters like the height, the pressure and the index of UV radiation.

Let’s take a look at the different menus that include the operating system, including the QR code that we should scan with the smartphone to install the application:

The app: Fundo Wear

The App Fundo Wear is available for Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0 or later.

Battery & Runtime

The G8 puts its focus on a long battery life, so with a capacity of only 300mAh up to 120 hours of operation should be present – but only in Watch mode. In fitness tracker mode it should be 60 hours and in smartphone mode 38 hours. After a few days of use, our battery display still looks good! You are invited to watch over the micro-USB port on the side. Personally, I am delighted to have the decision against a 4-pin connector since these tend to be easily detachable from the clock.

Conclusion About NO.1 G8

NO.1 G8 is a smartwatch with a very low selling price but some features and functions of the most interesting. Its design resembles that of traditional watches so it is quite elegant although its silicone strap lets you see that it is a product oriented especially to a young and sports public. It includes all the features of a smart clock but it has the added feature that allows you to make and receive calls autonomously thanks to its nano-SIM slot .

Its operating system is proprietary and works very intuitively , the most important limitation is that you can not install additional applications like Android Wear devices, which is otherwise logical as this smartwatch costs much less money .

NO.1 G8 is already on sale in the Geekbuying for a price of approximately $29.99, excellent for all the possibilities that offers us and makes it a mandatory purchase for lovers of these devices.


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