No. 9 Balance Car Turned Into A Mobile Robot: The Price is 9988 Yuan


Previously, the karting modification kit of the No. 9 balance car was officially sold in Jingdong, and the price was 2,999 yuan. As a result, it was sold out in just 10 seconds, and the Segway balance wheel exceeded 20 million sales in 6 hours. Today, another No. 9 balance car modified to launch on the Jingdong, it is the Segway robot, priced at 9988 yuan ($1458), deposit 500 can reach 1,000 yuan ($1460).

When you receive the No.9 balance car, your mood must be too much to wait. It doesn’t matter, it is very easy to get started. We deliberately designed its operation to be simpler so that it does not require long-term practice like a wheelbarrow. Getting on the bus is as simple as going up the stairs, and it can be easily manipulated with a little adaptation. It is flexible enough to follow your intent, thanks to its sophisticated sensors that constantly capture the tiny movements of your body and dynamically adjust the vehicle’s attitude at a rate of 200 per second to maintain balance.

Safety is the original intention of design, beautiful is unexpected. When you step on the No. 9 balance car, the car light system makes you handsome and dazzling, and the lights naturally line the ground, as if walking towards the stage with a spotlight. Not to mention the dust-proof and waterproof rating of IP54, so that it can travel in drizzle. Stronger road adaptability allows us to do whatever we want and come to a small adventure.

It is equipped with Intel ATOM processor, 5 camera 5 microphone sensing array system, with 3D depth visual perception function . With independent research and development of computer vision technology and SLAM algorithm, with multiple sets of sensors working together, No. 9 balance car can realize in robot mode. Self-following and intelligent planning of paths and obstacle avoidance.

No. 9 balance car can smoothly shoot while following, equipped with high-definition camera and three-axis stabilization pan/tilt, as well as the freedom of ±150° horizontal and 180° pitch shooting, and can be viewed in real time on the mobile phone. No. 9 balance car unique graphical programming and advanced advanced programming cover all ages, allowing children to play and grow, improve creativity and logical thinking, and prioritize the way the future world works.

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It also provides high-end version of Android Studio programming, developers can freely call No. 9 balance car‘s visual, navigation, voice, connection, interaction, hardware extension 6 major functional modules to create their own robot.

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