No.9 Electric Scooter UiFi Pro Will Be Launched on the 9th Nov


The No.9 company’s autumn conference was held as scheduled. At the meeting, the 9th released a number of blockbuster new products, including the 9th electric scooter UiFi standard version, UiFi Pro LINE FRIENDS joint model, Kart Pro Transformers limited edition, Youth Bike Explorer 240, Segway ATV Snarler AT6 L, etc.

The No.9 electric scooter UiFi standard version is a lightweight riding smart electric scooter. It is small in size, weighs only 33kg, and has a body of 1.2m. It is suitable for more travel scenarios, with a long battery life of 45km and a maximum speed of 32km/h.

In terms of intelligent configuration, it supports a variety of keyless unlocking and is also equipped with a 68cm seat, which not only solves the pain point of standing for a long time without a seat but also has an adjustable height, which is convenient for users of different body types. The current double eleven early adopter price is 1999 Yuan.

The No.9 electric scooter UiFi Pro LINE FRIENDS co-branded model is a new national standard model that can be licensed. The ultra-long battery life is 60km, the top speed is 25km/h, and the price for early adopters is 2999.

At the press conference, No.9 also released a fun product, Kart Pro Transformers Limited Edition. The top speed can reach 40km/h, the maximum acceleration is 1.02G, and the feeling of pushing back kills all real cars.

The battery life is 25km, and it can drive 62 laps continuously on a 400m track when fully charged, making it easy to drift on the track, press the shoulders, and race for laps. This model is priced at 9999, the Optimus Prime is limited to 999 units, and the Hornet is limited to 1999 units.

In addition, No.9 also brought a real mechanical off-road beast “Segway ATV Snarler AT6 L”, it is an ATV all-terrain off-road vehicle for the pleasure of conquest and for off-road.

The entire vehicle series comes standard with CVTech infinitely variable transmission, AWD drive, and dual-A independent suspension, with a power of up to 44 horsepower, which can conquer harsh off-road conditions.

The 2023 ATV vehicle adopts a chrome-molybdenum steel frame and is also equipped with the first-ever Smart Mobility system suitable for all-terrain vehicle road conditions in the Powersports industry.

At the same time, users can keep abreast of driving data and vehicle information through the Segway Powersports App, which can realize scene-based functions such as non-inductive power-on, EPS driving and riding settings, real-time viewing of power curves, and hazard alarm monitoring.

This time, four versions of the 2023 ATV Snarler L were released, the Passion Edition, the Progressive Edition, the Sports Edition, and the Ultimate Edition, with prices ranging from 36,800 ¥ to 46,800 ¥.

As for the bicycles favored by teenagers, No.9 brings the Youth Bicycle Explorer 240 here, which is designed with many high-end technologies to bring a higher standard and new riding experience to teenagers and children over the age of 8 with a height of 130-160cm.

The supercar streamlined windbreaker frame perfectly combines the shape of a mountain bike frame and a road bike, which is not only sturdy and safe, but also can break the wind and reduce resistance, and improve efficiency; using innovative gradient color technology, after 4 spraying 4 baking eight processes, to create an Automotive-grade textured illusion paint.

In addition, the all-terrain thin-wall tires and the innovative hidden saddle telescopic mechanism make the car adaptable to various terrains, and it is not prone to tire blowouts. Even in rough road conditions, it can be stable.

It can be seen from the autumn press conference of No.9 that, as an innovative leading brand of personal travel in China, No.9 has entered a new level.

In April this year, the 10 million electric scooters rolled off the assembly line, occupying the largest market share in the global scooter industry. In August of the same year, the cumulative actual sales and shipments of smart electric vehicles in Jiuhao Electric China exceeded 1 million. As of July this year, Nine has more than 2,400 offline stores across the country, covering more than 700 cities across the country.

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