Nokia 10 Will Return To The Camera Cluster “Crisis” As The Lumia 1020, Screen Is Not Border


Nokia has failed with the Lumia line and Windows 10 Mobile operating system. But they still leave the bright spots when the products are brought on their Lumia cameras are excellent, especially the Lumia 1020 with terms of up to 41MP camera super terrible. Therefore, the possibility of Nokia still cherished for a smartphone with camera similar terms, but of course, run Android – and that may be the Nokia 10.

The Nokia 10 concept below is a 5.7-inch screen with no borders, but still holds 16: 9 instead of the current 18: 9. This screen has a resolution of 2K HDR, using an AMOLED panel. Instead of metal, the Nokia 10 is refined from polycarbonate frames with IP67 water resistance.

The camera lens on the Nokia 10 will be huge with the 41MP sensor, CarlZeiss PureView, and super bright xenon flash. This camera promises to bring incredible quality. In terms of configuration, the Nokia 10 runs a Snapdragon 835 chip that comes with 6GB of RAM and two 128 / 256GB memory options. Nokia 10 will be available on Android OS Oreo 8.0. This phone still retains the Lumia 1020 iconic light yellow color, while also providing silver and black these two colors.

Hopefully, this idea will soon become reality in the coming year. Currently, Nokia 8 is the latest flagship of Nokia and is sold in Vietnam with very attractive price, probably the cheapest in the high-end smartphone segment. For now, there is no official news about its launch date. However, we are expecting the Nokia 10 to launch together with the Nokia 9 in December 2017.

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