Nokia 3100 Mini Feature Phone 2G Mobile Phone 1inch LCD Backlight Price: $13.09 @tomtop flash sale


Nokia 3100 Mini is a structure of communication. The Nokia 3100 is a 2G-GSM cell phone planned essentially for the more up to date age of showcasing a group of spectators, outfitted with a 128×128 pixel uninvolved shading show, supporting telephone call, rub morning timer, contacts, call register, settings, and Lithium-particle battery.

The rubber treated, illuminated keypad catches are little however reasonable, and they’re simple enough to see in darker conditions. With respect to the 4,096-shading show, it isn’t actually ample, yet it is energetic. In backup mode, the four-way route catch gives one-contact access to contacts, schedule, and content informing. Nokia has incorporated a symbol based menu framework.

On the drawback, the route catch likewise fills in as the volume control, which means you need to remove the telephone from your face to alter the sound during a call. Another little problem: We found that lifting the SIM card holder, which is situated under the battery, can be extreme on the off chance that you don’t have genuinely long nails. The 3100 accumulates to 300 contacts in shared the SIM card and the telephone’s inward limit memory. You can include such subtleties as email, Web, and road deliver to your contact data. Since the telephone is MMS prepared, you can get and append pictures to contact names for picture guest ID just as dole out ring tones to various guests.

Accessible adornments incorporate an FM radio headset, which we tried with our handset. It didn’t discover a significant number of the lower-quality stations in our general vicinity, and the sound nature of the stations it received was tinny and sharp. It immaculately changed to telephone mode during approaching calls, in spite of the fact that guests experienced difficulty hearing us through the mouthpiece. encountered bunches of foundation murmur during calls, and guests frequently experienced difficulty hearing us, too. This is uncommon, considering we ordinarily get an excellent gathering with AT&T Wireless handsets in our general vicinity. Also, the sans hands speakerphone is advantageous, yet the presentation wasn’t actually amazing.

On the in addition to side, the phone battery life is exceptional, as is regularly the situation with Nokia mobiles. We achieved almost five hours of talk time; the organization rates it somewhere in the range of two and six hours, contingent upon system settings and the SIM card. We additionally achieved 12 days of backup time, directly amidst the 7-to-17-day rating. Nokia always gives a tough smartphone with long last battery yet this is Nokia 3100 Mini which is small but heavy on battery. it gives you perfect time of 12 days without charging. you can easily buy this from Tomtop with $13.09

Nokia 3100 Mini Price: $13.09



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