Nokia 6 vs Xiaomi MI5 Smartphone Specs, Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Until now, we highly recommend this budget smartphones, Nokia 6, Xiaomi MI5, Nubia Z11 MiniS, Meizu MX smartphone in 1,500 yuan ($250) models, In these models, some parts of users are confused between Xiaomi MI5 and Nokia 6. Today we will compare Nokia 6 and Xiaomi MI5 according to their design, antutu, camera and battery to help you make a solution.


Nokia 6 as the latest smartphone at 1,500 yuan, $250 has brought great challenge for other similar models at the similar price. Let’s see the main difference between Nokia 6 and Xiaomi MI5.

According to specs comparison, Nokia 6 and Xiaomi MI5 sell at the similar price, as for hardware, Xiaomi MI5 has more advantage in processor, quick charge and OS, but Nokia 6 may be better in its design, sound quality.

As for variants, Nokia 6 only has one version with 5.5 inch FHD screen, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage at 1,699 yuan, $283.

Xiaomi MI5 has different version including standard version and advanced version due to different RAM and ROM, Xiaomi MI5 advanced version with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB is similar to Nokia 6 at 1,799 yuan, $299.

You need to know that Xiaomi MI5 has deluxe version with ceramic back cover to sell over 2,000 yuan, $333, which has big gap with Nokia 6.

Let’s compare Nokia 6 and Xiaomi MI5 advanced version from the following aspects.


Nokia 6 uses aluminum alloy metal unibody, but Xiaomi MI5 adopts dual curved glass body, and Nokia 6 only has one color, Xiaomi MI6 comes with several colors. Just check which one is more suitable for you.

Nokia 6 uses 6,000 aluminum alloy metal unibody, and the front uses OGS design, we can’t see the gap between screen and frame, there is no black bezel visually. In addition, it comes with popular 2.5D curved glass screen, and semi-circular fingerprint scanner on the home button to have ripe design.

On the back, Nokia 6 only has one black color with U curved design on the back, simply and superiorly. In addition, Nokia 6 has camera, flash LED and Logo in symmetrical design on the back, one shortage is the single color, but it is still exquisite and beautiful.

Xiaomi MI5 uses dual curved glass and metal frame, it comes with 5.15 inch 2.5D curved glass screen, there is a physical home button under the screen. But Xiaomi MI5 screen has black frame obviously, and the home button is a little small. The holding feel is not excellent.

On the back, Xiaomi MI5 uses 3D curved back cover with white, golden, black and light purple four colors, it has simple back cover design with 3D curved frame to show excellent holding feel, the only shortcoming is glass back cover with common scratching feature, and the front uses 2.5D glass and the back with 3D glass, it is not so symmetrical.

In all, in terms of design, which one is better between Nokia 6 and Xiaomi MI5? It’s up to your favorite interest.


As for their performance, Xiaomi MI6 and Nokia 5 advanced version both are equipped with RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, the main difference is in the processor, let’s see their Antutu test.

Nokia 6 is powered by Snapdragon 430 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB, according to Antutu test, it has got 44,554 points,

Xiaomi MI5 as once flagship smartphone, it is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, RAM 4GB, it shows 129,414 points.

Therefore, they both have big gap between their performance. Nokia 6 is better a little in screen, Xiaomi MI5 is better a lot in its performance which can support larger games. But Nokia 6 can only meet basic needs to play common games fluently.


In camera, Nokia 6 and Xiaomi mi5 has no big gap, they both belong to popular photographing experience. You can take photos to know their difference.


Nokia 6 and Xiaomi MI5 are built in 3,000mAh battery, but due to Xiaomi MI5 with smaller screen and supports quick charge, so as for battery life, Xiaomi MI5 will be more outstanding.


Nokia 6 as the first android smartphone to be back to its original brand, the customized OS will be not better than Xiaomi MI5 with MIUI 8 OS, as for OS experience, Nokia 6 takes time to improve, but Xiaomi MI5 OS is more mature with more advantages.


Nokia 6 sells cheaper a little than Xiaomi MI5, but they have no big gap.


Nokia 6 has advantages in craftsmanship, design, old brand and dual speaker and Dolby sound effect. It has nice performance. The biggest disadvantage is in the low performance which is not suitable for playing large games. Xiaomi MI5 is better in its performance to play large games and ripe OS, and not better in design.

Anyway, right now you know the main difference between Xiaomi MI5 and Nokia 6, then you can make a smart choice according to your needs.



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