Nokia 7 Plus Review: The New Mid-Range Smartphone King With Trendy 18:9 Display


After the rights to “Nokia” passed to the brand HMD Global, not everyone believed that the legendary producer will be resurrected and will offer smartphones that will compete on a par with solutions from A-brands. However, the Sino-Finnish brand managed to enter the TOP-10 sales, the prospects for 2018 are rainbow, and on MWC the company announced a bunch of new devices at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. we already saw the premium Nokia 8 sirocco, offering pretty sensible design and hardware.

On the other side, the Nokia 1 will be their most cost-effective device, featuring Android Go and entry-level hardware. And for those in the middle, we already have the Nokia 5, 6 and 7. Well, the 7 gets an update, and it could be the best pick from the Nokia family. Compared to Nokia 7, Nokia 7 plus not only has a qualitative leap in the design, its performance has also greatly increased the strength of the processor snapdragon 630 upgrade to snapdragon 660. Meet the Nokia 7 plus – let’s take a glance at it!


Starting with the design, the Nokia 7 Plus is a good-looking device. On the front, you will find the 6” IPS LCD panel with Full HD+ resolution. It is packing the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio, making it taller, and it is featuring Gorilla Glass. The tall screen means that you won’t find any capacitive buttons on the front, reducing the size of the bezels. Although the screen wasn’t as sharp as before, the overall exquisiteness was terribly familiar and Nokia 7 Plus’s this screen display is very transparent, the official information given that the maximum brightness can reach 500nit and it has a 96% NTSC color gamut, which is not the case for all devices at an average price. 

Although the Nokia 7 plus uses an 18:9 ratio screen and its screen share remain relatively low compared to current mobile phones, which is also due to the wider effect of the top and bottom borders of the phone. However, compared to Nokia 6’s second generation, it still shrinks a lot, and the chamfering arc at the edge of the screen is also consistent with the curvature of the outer border of the mobile, and the visual effect remains superb.

Then look at the border of the phone. At the first sight of Nokia 7 plus, the bronze border around this circle attracted me. unlike the chamfer on the edge of the previous product, Nokia 7 plus entire frame has been polished. according to official sources, the frame is a 17-hour process of 26 steps, followed by a diamond cutting and anodization process after the 6 layers. this can lead to cracking or blistering of previous layers as long as they’re careless. , so the overall difficulty remains terribly large. However, after this series of processes was completed, Nokia 7 plus brought a touch between the ceramic and metal, and the bronze border color also contend a very good effect. On the left side you will find a card tray, on the right volume rocker and power button.

Rotating to the back, you will find the camera setup in the middle of the top, with the fingerprint sensor right under it. The chassis is made from 6000 series aluminum and it is coated with ceramic paint. That means that you’re not going to scratch it that easily with everyday objects like keys or coins.

Overall, Nokia 7 plus has continued to form new breakthroughs in the process of style after the appearance of HMD took over the design language. The thick metal box offers the sense of security and the exquisite sense of craft texture. Let me feel the product philosophy that Nokia has been adhering to. Here, we still have to applaud the standard wisdom that HMD can retain this fine workmanship, and hope that it can continue and breakthrough in the future.

Camera Specs

As an important component on the rear, the Nokia 7 plus camera can also make you excited. in that glorious era, Nokia mentioned Zeiss’s lens. as the world’s most prestigious lens company, ZEISS can be said to be an absolute king in the field of cameras, and also the cooperation between Nokia and ZEISS has become an absolute star combination at the time.

Nokia 7 Plus’ rear dual and front camera lens are all certified lenses to ZEISS, that conjointly mostly guarantees the imaging capabilities of the phone itself. On the hardware side, the rear dual camera is configured for wide-angle + telephoto, which is presently the most popular among the dual cameras and is also the most cost-efficient one.

New Nokia 7 plus wide-angle lens is 12MP, sensor size is 1/2.56 inches, and the unit pixel area is 1.4μm, F/1.75 aperture and supports dual-core focusing technology; the other camera lens is 13MP, and the sensor size is 1/3.06 inch, The unit pixel area is 1.0μm, and the aperture is F/2.6. From the configuration point of view can be said to be quite satisfactory, however in the algorithm with Zeiss collaboration is also a lot of camera capabilities to improve, here we glance at Nokia 7 Plus’s photograph capabilities through several sets of samples, and which will be compared with the iPhone 8 to see Nokia remains far from the top camera.

Nokia 7 Plus camera Samples
Nokia 7 Plus
iPhone 8

From the above set of samples, the general feeling of Nokia 7 plus remains terribly “Zeiss”, whether it’s color or resolution and sharp feelings, and the Nokia is no different. Tolerance performance is also acceptable, however, the overall white balance is slightly warm, and the iPhone 8 still has some gaps. The resolution of the double zoom is additionally acceptable, but it can be seen clearly when it will sharp.

Nokia 7 Plus
iPhone 8

At night, the biggest problem with Nokia 7 plus is that it has additional noise. although the glare control of the light is nice, the brightness and noise control in the extreme environment remains in urgent need of reinforcement. this is conjointly the biggest gap between iPhone and the top camera. However, it is stunning that Nokia’s professional model conjointly returned to the Nokia 7 plus, only need to take an image when the shutter button gently stroked, professional mode instantly seem in front of you.

In terms of camera play, Nokia 7 plus will combine front and rear shots to feature a dual camera and picture-in-picture mode. this is actually terribly simple to understand. Here you can see 2 sets of samples for everyone to understand clearly. additionally, this time, Nokia conjointly affiliated with Sina Weibo, as long as the video recording scenario, click on the top of the “LIVE” button to broadcast on Sina Weibo, eliminating the need to enter the APP step.

Nokia 7 plus has indeed achieved the highest level of HMD after the camera, Zeiss certification lens and sensible hardware standards permit Nokia to have more development possibilities in the future. Despite being defeated in the duel with the iPhone 8, Nokia still features a good product competitiveness as a mobile for the mid-to-high end market.

Hardware and Operating System

Starting with the performance, you’re getting a big punch on the Nokia 7 Plus. The chipset inside is the Snapdragon 660, an octa-core processor capable of handling every task smoothly. The chipset is paired with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. That should assure even the most notorious multitaskers that their device will not slow down. Finishing the internals part with the battery, the Nokia 7 Plus features a 3800mAh one. And per Nokia’s claims, it should last you through two days of normal use.

Speaking of the system, Nokia 7 Plus is equipped with an Android O system, which is beyond the reach of Android 7.1.1. The style of the system is still a continuation of the previous style, and efforts are greatly reduced. Therefore, we can also see that in addition to the essential functions of the Nokia 7 Plus, the third-party applications are only WeChat, Weibo, and Alipay. The sights of the 3rd-party software flying are definitely worth learning from peers.

In terms of operation, Nokia 7 Plus also uses gestures that are currently popular on the 18:9 screen. Swiping up in the 3 areas at the bottom of the border allows you to perform different operations. In turn, multiple operations are called on the left side. Slide back to the left; Of course, the user can also choose to operate the virtual key mode. There are also some special small functions, such as double-clicking the top status bar to close the screen, double-bottomed navigation bar to close the screen, and double-clicking the power button to quickly turn on the camera. Although they are not innovative big features, they still feel very good in terms of experience.


Of course, Nokia 7 Plus looks attractive to customers. It has a good processor, a pumped camera is expected with useful functions in the form of approximation and bokeh mode. Also pleases the elongated display with a diagonal of 6 inches and an excellent shell from Google. Nokia 7 Plus is definitely the most mature product after HMD took over. This maturity is not only reflected in the design, configuration, and optimization of mobile phones, but also because HMD has found out how to manage it reasonably.The once emperor brand, which had a history of decades but has suddenly died in recent years, must allow him to have the majestic attitude of the year and continue to survive in the current harsh environment.

This is indeed a big test for HMD. But fortunately, starting from last year’s Nokia 6 second generation, Nokia brand began to re-start on track, which is a lot of promise to feel happy. Although Nokia can no longer return to its original peak with the king’s attitude, he can at least survive in the current market competition, regardless of whether it is for HMD or fans who still have feelings for Nokia. New Nokia 7 Plus is an excellent offer in the price range of $400, where all the bases seem to be executed correctly. Nokia advertises this model as a reliable device: it seems that it is. You can purchase Nokia 7 plus RAM 4GB here  at $399.99 after coupon code: NOKIA7P4GB and RAM 6GB version $444.99 after coupon code: NOKIA7P6GB

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