Nokia 8 Sirocco Full Review: Curved Screen, Wireless Charging, Water, and Dustproof is Back In Sirocco Batch


After taking over Nokia, HMD’s efforts are obvious. From Nokia 6 to Nokia 6 2nd Generation, 3310 to 3310 4G and Nokia 7 to Nokia 7 plus… in just over a year, HMD has released more than ten new Smartphones, even some models have been completed iteratively. Among these products, there has also been explosion models, which isn’t easy for an old brand that has returned again.

However, it is regrettable that Nokia fans in China haven’t been able to see an all Nokia’s flagship model again in the Chinese market. this is somewhat pity, because in their view, if the flagship isn’t listed, then several new low-end products cannot declare a true “return.” luckily, after the Nokia 8 “A Glimpse” in August 2017, the Chinese market finally officially released another flagship model: Nokia 8 sirocco.

The exterior of Nokia 8 sirocco: Sirocco Goes Out again

Adding an English suffix to the serial number of a smartphone to distinguish, today it is commonplace in the smartphone industry. Most suffixes can directly reveal the features of the model.

for example, plus suggests that “the screen size is larger than the standard version.” Note also shows that “the screen size is large (in fact, this should be a stylus)”, mini/Compact means that “the body size is smaller than the standard version and it is easy to hold. “Premium/Pro says “more comprehensive functions and better design.”

In 2006, Nokia had launched a luxury model Nokia 8800 sirocco. currently, this name seems again in the Nokia phone range which is sort of a tribute to the meaning. Like the 8800 sirocco which was released 12 years ago, the main body material of the Nokia 8 sirocco is also glass and stainless steel.

But what will the Nokia Nokia 8 sirocco suffix mean? the first which means of this word is “The hot wind processing in North Africa”… What will it do with a cell phone?

The vast majority of this phone is covered with Gorilla Glass 5 glass (95%), which is complemented by a carefully polished stainless steel middle frame, giving a visually cool and high-end look. At the same time, because this phone is “3D curved glass” front and back, the surface of this smartphone is also outlined a complicated line, that also pays tribute to the “Sirocco” intention, of course, complicated and orderly lines is the original 8800 sirocco the key to the naming.

Not solely that, although it has been ridiculed to be able to break the walnuts because 8 sirocco is Nokia’s first flagship that supports IP67 standard waterproof and dustproof.

However, Nokia 8 Sirocco’s left and right boxes received a little amount of detail, {and the|and therefore the|and also the} power and volume keys also made it terribly thin. As a result, the look and feel of this phone is harmonious, however, the keys feel a bit cut.

Another unfortunate side of the design of this Smartphone is that it still uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, which makes the camera appear to be short and thick with the 18:9/19:9 screen ratio. The Nokia 7 plus, which was launched earlier this year, is a more avant-garde 18:9 screen. Why is it that the more advanced Nokia 8 sirocco is 16:9. It is difficult for us to answer, HMD designers may know the answer.

Nokia 8 Sirocco’s Inner Configuration
  • Snapdragon 835
  • 6GB LPDDR4X RAM+128GB UFS 2.1 built-in Storage
  • 5.5 inch pOLED 2K resolution screen, screen 84%
  • 3260mAh battery for quick charging and wireless charging
  • Body measurements 140.93mm*72.97mm*7.5mm, support IP67 waterproof and dustproof
  • One USB Type-C interface, single SIM card style
  • Rear mounted fingerprint identification

There is no doubt that Nokia 8 sirocco is the most powerful Nokia mobile phone so far, with flagship processor, 2K resolution screen, large storage space, large Ram memory, Zeiss dual camera, wireless charging, waterproof and dustproof, NFC… ETC.

Although we always say “do not mention Antutu points,” but another fact cannot be ignored is that all good software experience should have strong enough hardware as a support. At this time, the previous Nokia phones were mostly criticized for entry-level processors.

The Nokia 8 sirocco was the first Nokia’s handset to use a flagship 835 processor + 6GB of RAM. In the most intuitive Antutu Benchmark test, Nokia eight sirocco scored 208,996, in the forefront of the present Smartphone.

Although it is still difficult to expect this year’s flagship processor, the Snapdragon 845, its performance has been able to guarantee the smooth operation of the device system itself, as well as the traditional operation of most mobile games such as “King of Honor”.

With strong hardware support, the Nokia 8 sirocco system experience is also worth talking about. Starting from Nokia 7, I have always evaluated the Nokia system.

Because this system maintains the smooth and stable experience of the original Android system, it also fits as much as possible with the Chinese smartphone user’s regarding the usage habits and features a negative-screen, one-handed mode, smart card SMS, fast payment, caller ID and other localization customization, and the system is very good, no intrusion of advertising, pre-installed 3rd-party applications are only Weibo, WeChat, Alipay.

Specific to Nokia 8 sirocco, this phone uses the latest Android 8.1.0 system, features a global gesture operation: the finger from the bottom of the middle to the screen slide equivalent to “Home”, according to the setting, from the lowest left or right sliding inside the screen can correspond to return/multitasking.

By the way, Nokia 8 sirocco also supports face recognition, but from the point of view of implementation, it is most likely built-in Android system, under normal circumstances recognition speed is nice, but because there is no iPhone X so the complex depth of field camera, thus its identification Accuracy has yet to be verified.

The bottom layer has not been heavily changed, which also means that the cost of subsequent system upgrades is relatively little, and HMD doesn’t need to spend plenty of effort to adapt. The progress of the upgrade is also within reach.

What are we looking for?

In the former Nokia era, Nokia’s mobile phones were highly praised for their photos, thanks in part to the “Nokia professional Shooting” app. This application permits users to quickly and simply adjust parameters such as white balance, ISO, shutter time, focusing distance, EV and provides the operational experience of dials on professional cameras as realistically as possible. Starting from the Nokia 7 plus, this application is back to the Nokia phone, and the higher-end Nokia 8 sirocco is naturally equipped.

Recently, Huawei P20 pro has gained a lot of attention with its exaggerated camera hardware. Behind this, it is still inextricably coupled to Nokia, because High-level camera hardware is always the flagship of Nokia. as an example, the 1/1.2-inch CMOS used by the Nokia 808 Pureview, which is still regarded as a milestone in the history of the development of smartphone photographs. Paying attention to the thin Nokia 8 sirocco naturally doesn’t have such a large-size CMOS, however, its sensor is worth mentioning.

Nokia 8 sirocco is equipped with 12MP dual-Zeiss certification wide-angle lens with 1/2.56 inch sensor, the specific model is Samsung S5K2L7 (with Moto Z2Play the same paragraph), the unit pixel size is 1.4um and aperture is F/1.75, support dual-core focusing technology and its pic is lens 13MP with 1/3.42 inch sensor, unit pixel size is 1.0um pixels and aperture is F/2.6 – these parameters are consistent with Nokia 7 plus.

Camera Samples

Also like Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8 sirocco imaging is bright, with good contrast, to please the eyeballs, however, there is a problem of metering radicals, highlights are simply overexposed, and some scenes may lack detail; the image quality after the double zoom declines more obvious. the overall image level has room for improvement over the industry’s prime level.

HMD finally launched a new Nokia flagship with a long-awaited promise in the Chinese market. A waterproof and dustproof, crystal clear, curve gracefully; A configuration with powerful flagship processor, stronger than the average mid-end Smartphones more than one body position; A optical big name blessing, photograph hanging enough appetite. However, in actual use, Nokia 8 sirocco always offers people a sense of “outdated”.

Note that snapdragon 835 is nice, but its price is high, but as the flagship processor of 2017, Snapdragon 835 is in front of snapdragon 845 which is the latest processor of Qualcomm. By the same token, the hyperbolic 16:9 ratio 2K pOLED screen is still an expensive solution, but in the face of today’s full screen, the product feel is particularly evident 2 years ago. In conjunction with the $745 price, HMD shouldn’t have taken Nokia 8 sirocco as a worthy product from the outset.

However, if we leave “outdated”, we can still see that under the premise of not being limited by price, Nokia under HMD still has good design and software adjustment ability. These soft components are very a big brand. should have, at the same time, this is what some emerging brands lack. With the Nokia 8 sirocco and the HMD willing to form the book, I would rather look forward to the next to put the money on the edge of the true and comprehensive flagship.

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