Nokia 9 PureView Disassemble Video: The Secret Of Zeiss


As the world’s first mobile phone with a rear-mounted Zeiss camera, Nokia 9 PureView has received a lot of attention since the real machine exposure, its mystery finally unveiled during MWC2019.

A few days ago YouTube channel released a disassembly video of Nokia 9 Pureview. In this nearly 15-minute video, the tech master dismantled and detailed every detail inside the phone, including the five rear cameras.

It can be seen that the five cameras in the rear of the Nokia 9 PureView are placed in the same metal case and may have been calibrated before being embedded inside. However, this also means that inspection is required after assembly is complete. This may result in very high production requirements and a slower proction speed.

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In addition, the internal 13 screws of production enhance structural integrity, which is a typical design of Nokia smartphones, which can make the phone more secure. A cooling tube is arranged under the battery of the machine, and the upper part thereof can be connected to the processor part through the thermal paste.

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