Nokia X71 Review: Snapdragon 660 AIE, With Triple Cameras


Today’s Nokia is still a big brand, but its meaning is not the same as Nokia. In one or two years after HMD took over, Nokia became the fastest-growing Android phone brand in this period through a popular mainstream model, not just a two-word summary.

But soon Nokia found that in a market where peers are trying to raise themselves and add value to the brand through some special designs so that they can get more premium space, they may be too unpretentious. – After all, consumption upgrades are a trend, and it is not always completely ignored.

HMD responded to this phenomenon in two ways: If Nokia 9 Pureview is an attempt to make a trick on a specific function, then the Nokia X71 maybe all aspects of thinking, weighing, and trade-offs.

Design & Appearance

Nokia X71 and last year’s Nokia X7 (should) belong to the same series, HMD’s approach is also based on the Nokia X7, and then on it to trim the details, so that it looks more refined and higher, in order to achieve the purpose of the upgrade.

In fact, this kind of effort to make the details refined, I can already feel the first time I got the Nokia X71. The front is replaced with a 6.39-inch perforated screen larger than the X7. In order to compress the ridiculous chin of the Android model, the Nokia Logo is gone. After lighting the screen, it can be clearly seen that the front screen frame of the mobile phone can be almost completely symmetrical. More aesthetic. The screen performance parameters are basically the same as those of the Nokia X7, and the color palette is still the cool of the Nordic flavor.

Although the border is still a bit thick, the 93% screen of the perforated screen cannot be ignored, and the look and feel are more “visual immersive”. The only thing that is not perfect is that the position of the perforated camera is not perfectly cut to the center of the top left corner of the screen. It is probably a deduction point for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The border design language of the Nokia X71 mixes the features of HMD’s Nokia X-series phones. The chamber of the mobile phone frame is thickened, and the contour line of the copper-colored cut surface is used again. The main body of the frame is changed into a micro-arc surface. Compared with the Nokia X7, the touch is not so hard, and the visual appearance is more comfortable. The more critical is the USB at the bottom. After the -C interface was changed to the copper side, the asymmetry was partially covered, and it looked much better than the Nokia X7 interface riding on the slope. And the Nokia X71 still insists on providing 3.5mm headphone jacks, which is also a way to win the favor of specific user groups.

Finally, the border is also placed on the Nokia X71’s most incomprehensible intentions – breathing light, which has basically been forgotten by Android phones, Nokia X71 put it on the lock screen/power button, there is a notice outside A circle is slowly lit up, and it is always on when the power is plugged in. Although it has no previous status from the functional point of view, this kind of feeling of “having the details with the heart” is the source of the quality of the mobile phone, Nokia X71. Have a good grasp.

Hardware & Performance

The Nokia X71 has one or two changes that people don’t think is easy to understand. The most easily misinterpreted is the configuration of the 660 AIE. Last year, the Nokia X7 used the Snapdragon 710 AIE, although the system experience, In essence, there will be no significant gap between the two phones. However, the intuitional thinking of the white people is, of course, the lower the number, the lower the end. The reduction in numbers is really a very important decision condition for ordinary people who do not understand mobile phone chips.

Another selling point that Nokia is proud of is the experience of the native Android OS. The Android 9.0 of the Nokia X71 can’t be uninstalled in a crazy pre-installed app, a lot of useless notifications are pushed, and the system is slow to update the domestic model. It looks fresh and refined. But compared to the X7, I can still see that its pre-installed application has increased from only one iQiyi to six or seven levels including Sohu News, iReader, Meituan, Himalayan FM, UC Browser, etc. The degree may have declined, but it did not appear to be a useless notice

And these pre-installed applications of the Nokia X71 allow users to manually uninstall, without forcing users to use or retain them, maybe it’s just that I am pretending to be extremely hostile.

Under careful and meticulous tailoring, the Nokia X71 picks up the Nokia X7 with a starting price of 2,199 yuan ($327.32) – it may be said that the pick is not accurate, may wish to ask it a few questions: Nokia X71’s mobile phone quality Is there an upgrade? Of course, there are. Is it necessary to choose the price of 500 yuan instead of X7? Not necessarily.

The biggest problem with the Nokia X71 is that the positioning of the model was not quality-sensitive. The psychological price of the crowd has already exceeded 3,000 yuan. The improvement of the details of this machine is not necessarily their choice. Prerequisites for mobile phones. A larger punch screen is certainly the biggest selling point, but the Android Ecosphere can take advantage of the perforated screen, and the application of its aesthetic design is still extremely lacking. On the other hand, one more camera does not bring a leap-style image quality improvement. It is really very embarrassing to go to the “downgrade” of 710 to 660 at this time. Unless the screen is a prerequisite for purchase, it would be unconvincing to recommend the Nokia X71 on top of the Nokia X7.


Increasing the number of cameras is another shortcut to upgrade. Nokia 9 Pureview is ready to be made into Finnish Gatlin. The Nokia X71 can’t be so aggressive in the mass market. It has been changed from the original dual camera to the current 48 Megapixel main camera + 8MP wide angle + 5MP depth of field. The combination of the main camera participating in the actual imaging is only the 48MP main camera, which is different from the mainstream wide-angle + telephoto game.

In the internal Nokia X71 sensor also changed to Samsung’s ISOCELL technology GM1, this 1/2-inch sensor has a native pixel count of 48MP, but cannot be output as it is (full-pixel mode is also 12 million output), the actual film The algorithm is synthesized into one for four adjacent pixel algorithms, and finally a photo of 12 million pixels is obtained. Since the single-pixel photosensitive area reaches 0.8 µm, the photographic performance is better, and there is room for better low-light performance.

From the actual shooting experience, the Nokia X71 maintains the fast focus of the current Android machine and the standard of the shutter speed after the drag, and the second speed of the camera app from the lock screen state is satisfactory. However, the fluctuations in the AI ?? scene camera parameters that appear on the Nokia X7 are not cured, or there will be occasional sudden changes in the style of the painting. If you encounter this problem, you want to stabilize the film and manually turn it off.

In terms of actual film appearance, the color of the Nokia X71 is even lighter. There is no hard work on color saturation. The details under natural sunlight are still excellent, and the burrs on the grain surface can be clearly seen. In the artificial light environment, the highlights and shadow details are controlled more than the X7, and the white balance is more accurate. For example, the price tag on the left side of the fruit stand photo, the white color of the Nokia X71 is whiter, the Nokia X7 looks There is some bluishness going up. In the case of high-contrast buildings, the Nokia X71 will try to leave more transitional layers in the dark part of the picture than the X7. The X7 tends to directly highlight the shadows in the store. Both of them have little difference in the restoration of building lines, and they are all fine.

However, in some simple indoor plane framing scenes, such as paintings with lighting, the highlights of the Nokia X71 are more likely to overflow than the X7, leaving a larger spot on the screen. The metering algorithm may need to Adjust it.

For the overall evaluation, the Nokia X71, which has a more subtle color style, is slightly better than the X7 in terms of human eyes. However, if you just want to look at the photos taken by the mobile phone on the screen of the mobile phone, you don’t have to care about these details. It is a daily friend circle machine that can be used.

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Verdict & Buy

Personally, if HMD wants to realize the value of Nokia’s mid-to-high-end brand as the blue-green factory returns to the public, it needs a brand-new mobile phone with its own unique or superior design. It may be more appropriate to say that Nokia 9 Pureview may be a problem for the Nokia X71 to play this role

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