NOMU M6 Rugged Phone Design, Specs, Review, Release Date and More


In China, there are only some brands who are dedicated to rugged smartphones, Nomu is one of them, the old impression for rugged smartphones is clumsy, heavy, low-end, but if high-end rugged smartphone released, the price is quite high, however, Nomu as a professional rugged smartphone manufacturer has changed the old impression to release more beautiful, lighter and affordable rugged phones, they are planning for its upcoming phone, Nomu M6, which not only combines IP68 certification, but also with gorgeous design.

In terms of its design, Nomu M6 has broken the tradition about previous rugged smartphones, and uses amazing mirror-like rear cover, right now more and more smartphones adopt the design of iphone X, Galaxy S8, S8 plus, etc, and also uses 18:9 full view display, But Nomu M6 makes you see the difference from them, and its back looks like a real mirror. It uses curved design, looking slimmer than before, it is said its thickness is up to 10nm.

Besides its gorgeous design, its camera has 13MP Samsung rear one, and a softlight for taking selfies by front camera, and as we mentioned before, it supports IP68 waterproof function, certified by MIL-STD-810G, which proves superior quality with such features.

Therefore, as for other specs about Nomu M6, we will wait for more official news, stay tuned.

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  1. The cover looks gorgeous, as well as the overall appearance. Awesome! Before, the market sprung up many so-called daily life rugged phone, but it proved a little disappointing. But this one, NOMU M6, a real rugged phone for everyday use.

  2. According to my knowledge of NOMU, the protective performance will be not worse because of the application of mirror-like cover. NOMU phone is famous for the good quality. Expect to see the phone.

  3. When NOMU disclosed the first video of M6, I was attracted. Now I decide to buy it.
    It would be a good standby phone for me as a businessman. Stylish and tough. Very nice.

  4. According to latest rugged phones released in the market, they start to include fashion elements based on good protection functionality. This will attract more users groups, and infuse a fresh blood to the phone industry.

  5. The ugly look is the biggest drawback of rugged phone. In a sense, M6 is the most beautiful rugged phone ever. But it would be better if its configuration is higher.

  6. I never used rugged phone before. When my friend recommended NOMU M6 to me. I was more than satisfied. If my friend didn’t told me it’s a rugged phone, I never thought it be. The appearance is not different from the common phone.

  7. IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certified. The water-proof function is guaranteed. I wonder if the drop-proof performance is as good as NOMU previous phones, after all, to have a mirror-like cover should sacrifice something.

  8. I was looking for a good rugged phone on Youtube, and happened upon NOMU M6. It’s a beautiful rugged phone, very different from the common rugged phone. I’m surprised.

  9. When NOMU disclosed the first video of M6, I was attracted. Now I decide to buy it.
    It would be a good standby phone for me as a businessman. Stylish and tough. Very nice.

  10. The battery is not durable enough to use? NOMU M6 makes you farewell this trouble.
    Large capacity battery,
    Super long standby and
    Fast charging

  11. As outdoor enthusiasts, My wife and I are both royal fans of NOMU. We each have a NOMU phone. M6 is in my wife purchase list already, I bet.

  12. With water-proof & NXP smart PA speaker from #Nomu #M6, you will never miss a beats of clear, loud sound.
    Enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere

  13. Always wanted a second phone for off-work use. This is a nice choice. Water-proof and drop-proof, in this way, i can feel free to do any outdoor sports. Very nice.

  14. #Nomu #M6-redefine the role of your phone!
    A. Intelligent-Good assistance of your work
    B. Fashionable-Style Icon with charming appearance
    C.Tough-#IP68 waterproof

  15. Privacy is really a serious problem now, i am sick of answering some strange calls. The NOMU phone will adopt the Android 8.0 features strong privacy protection. Hope it works well.

  16. NOMU got its name for rugged phone all the time, this time they pioneer to be the first one improving the appearance of rugged phone. Very brave.

  17. Privacy leak is a common thing for this internet world. Whether the Android system used in NOMU phone can do a good job in this part?

  18. Actually, i am really concerned about my personal information misusing in the internet. My mail always get some spams. I heard that NOMU phone with the latest system features monitoring data permission and protecting privacy in real time. Good news.

  19. Kingsley Rex on

    Before the coming of nomu m6, I never see a waterproof phone have a glossy cover. Is it tough enough like their other products? Anyway, I guess it’s a big challenge for nomu to do that. I will consider this phone for my next vacation.

  20. I have heard many trendy phone have the function of waterproof, but it may not what i mean for that. they can only work when only few water splashed on the phone, and when they are completely flooded, the device will be useless. I guess that why these trendy phone brands usually didn’t boast their waterproof function. On the contrary, this nomu rugged phone are trying to make their phone more tougher. It seems they have a big ambition to attract more people to use their phone.

  21. If you ask me what i value most about a rugged phone, the signal of course. Whenever i need to go to some suburb or remote places, the weak or no signal of phone makes me crazy. What if something unexpected happened? I just can’t connect with anyone. So i am quite satisfied with this S50pro which gets strong signal.

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