NOMU M8 Comes with Future Tech Focus on Health And Green Life – A Strong Phone Can Protect Itself


There is such a joke that the mobile phone is attached to us like a virus. Although it is a funny talk, we need to say, our life and work just can’t go on without a phone on hand. As this virus ubiquitously invaded our lives, bacteria also followed. Its health issues are widely concerned though, there are very few phone manufacturers that really solve them. NOMU, the first company to build a Nomu M8 phone both rugged and antibacterial, truly considers the phone’s performance and users’ health problems. This innovative and pioneering action deserves applause.

By implanting bi-ions on the surface of the glass, Anti-Bacterial Glass has high efficiency and long-lasting antibacterial effect. Different from common coated antibacterial glass, the apply of this technology ensures that the antibacterial layer does not fall off due to use, and its property has a broad spectrum and long effect, which can inhibit the breeding of various harmful bacteria such as algae, bacteria, mold, and fungi, and is especially suitable for medical/food/public facilities and other touching display equipment.

Of course, except using this special glass, NOMU M8 does make a big improvement in their other specs. First, as to the rugged performance, The phone cannot only soak in 2 meters water for 1 hour but also protect against the high-pressure impact of water jets. More than that, NOMU M8 adopts 21.0MP+21.0MP camera combination to make your photo more clear and natural. Compared to other rugged phones with 14.5mm thickness, this device, 10.7mm, much thinner and easy for one hand operation.

No doubt, this is the well-designed phone for both the people who have the requirement for the rugged feature and those who care about their health problem. Its advantages are obvious. Whether you’re a worker in a tough environment, a business person working in an office building, or a mother caring for her baby at home, the phone can handle all the demands because of its versatility. If you’re interested, follow the NOMU website to know the latest special offers…Here is the purchase link for Nomu M8 at $199.99 now.


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