NOMU S10 Pro will become an upgraded version of S10


Protected smartphones are a conscious choice of those who go to the forest, on the sea, the lake or work in difficult conditions. Such devices are taken by many as reliable means of communication to perform the most standard tasks like calls and messages. Over the past year, NOMU has succeeded in creating non-obfuscated devices, having released several such devices. One of the simplest became the smart-phone NOMU S10, and now the manufacturer is preparing to present its improved version.

Externally, NOMU S10 Pro will not be different from the usual S10 model, but the creators have thoroughly worked on its protective functions. They claim that the protection level will surpass even IP68 and the smartphone will survive diving into the water at a depth of 2 meters for one hour.

The creators already state that the NOMU S10 Pro is protected by the IP69 standard. It is also promised that the novelty will increase the amount of operational and permanent memory, as well as it will come with the pre-installed Android 7.0 Nougat. It seems that all other characteristics will be similar to those offered by NOMU S10. The release of new items on the market is worth waiting for in early October, and you will be the first to learn all the details about NOMU S10 Pro on the official website of the manufacturer.



  1. The NOMU company produces beautifully protected smartphones. They are a good option for trips to nature, you can even for a few days, without the fear of being left unconnected. I think that S10 PRO will be as cool a smartphone as its predecessors, and I was also pleased with its protection Ip69

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