Nothing Ear (2) Wireless earphones are confirmed to support LHDC Audio 5.0 and IP54 Waterproof


Carl Pei, CEO and founder of Nothing, revealed the known facts about Ear (1) and Phone (1) and shared some new details about the upcoming nothing Ear (2) wireless headset in an extensive feature article with Forbes.

The new audio equipment will support LHDC 5.0 (the Home of IT note: Low latency HD audio codecs), which means that any certified high resolution audio will be fully utilized. It’s a codec that transmits higher-quality audio over Bluetooth, and Carl Pei says Spotify has been contacted to update their music library to LHDC.

In addition, Ear (2) will have an IP54 level of protection against partial dust particles and water splashes.

The Nothing Ear (1) wireless earphones accounted for one-third of the 600,000 units sold in the US, and Carl Pei revealed that the next Nothing Phone (2) will also be coming to North America.

Nothing revealed a 30% increase in the team of specialists working on Ear (2) to 700 people. The new wearables were tested on more than 120 phones and laptops, a 52% increase over the 70 devices used to test Ear (1).

The Nothing Ear (2) headset is scheduled for release on March 22.

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According to the revelation, Nothing Ear (2) has placed the noise-canceling microphone on the top of the handle, and the handle has added a new decoration, and printed with the “Nothing Ear (2)” LOGO. The headphones feature 11.6mm speakers and support hybrid ANC (active noise cancellation). Each headset weighs 4.5g. Battery life is about 6 hours for a single headset and 36 hours for a comprehensive battery life.


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