Nubia has Released 65W Gallium Nitride Four-port Charger for Huawei and Apple


Today, @Nubia mobile phone official account announced the launch of deium front power block 65W four-port gan charger, supporting 3C1A four-port design, realizing three-port blind 65W, equipped with GaN3 Pro overclocking technology, the price is 199 yuan, the pre-sale price is only 179 yuan, will officially go on sale at 10:00 am on February 28th.

Nubia 65W gallium nitride four-port charger adopts the third generation overclocking technology, the power is twice as high as apple’s original charger, and the continuous 65W full load work for 2000+ hours without damaging the machine.

In addition, with the support of Neocharge fast charging technology, the power can be dynamically distributed without distinguishing the fast charging socket. The maximum output of C port can reach 65W at will.

At the same time, the charger is compatible with Huawei 18W, iPhone 12/13 20W quick charge, and compatible with PC, QC, SCP, FCP, AFC and other mainstream quick charge protocols.

It can quickly charge a laptop, and officials say it can be fully charged in 90 minutes.

It’s worth noting that the charger comes with an automatic shunting system that detects if the phone is in a low battery state and turns on/off high speed and trickle mode.

In terms of ID design, the Nubia 65W gallium nitride four-port plug supports 90° folding, which is 58% smaller than the normal 61W charger, with a size of 51*51.8*30mm.

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Other aspects, the suit comes with 5A 100W double Type-C data cable, which is compatible with C-port devices such as mobile phone, notebook and earphone, and supports six safety protection such as overcurrent protection, overcharge protection and overtemperature protection.


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