Nubia Has Released Z20: Dual Screen Next Level Smartphone, With Snapdragon 855+, Priced from 3499 ($495.44)


Nubia held a press conference in Beijing, which opened a new product launch conference of “To·Image” and officially released the dual-screen smartphone Nubia Z20.    When talking about dual-screen mobile phones, the Nubia X series is very amazing as the world’s first dual-screen mobile phone. It was once even known as the time node for making slide rails and mechanical structures for the full screen. The best design for a true full screen.

Of course, as time goes by, the lifting structure has become the mainstream full-screen solution, and the two major manufacturers including Meizu and VIVO have not made more breakthrough progress on the double-sided screen. Biya took the Z20 again, and brought the double-sided screen to a height?

The first dual-screen 855Plus flagship release! 48MP front-mounted silent seconds, priced from 3499
First of all, in terms of design, like last year’s Nubia X, this generation of Z20 continues the previous generation’s front and rear dual-screen design. The front screen is a 6.42-inch 1080P flexible OLED panel, a 19.5:9 screen ratio, PPI. At 401, the display is still quite delicate.

The back display area is slightly smaller. It is a 5.1-inch flexible OLED screen with a PPI of 331. At the same time, the back also supports the display function of the screen. When the screen is off, it can display daily SMS, caller information, time, WeChat and other practical information. And, the Nubia Z20 supports the “Super Eye Protection” function, and the back screen is also the world’s first mobile phone screen that supports hardware super eye protection.

It is worth mentioning that the Z20 screen supplier is BOE, Z20 this screen is also the first mass-production COP screen of BOE, the life expectancy increased by 30%. In terms of hardware configuration, Nubia adopted the new Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, which is the first full-screen mobile phone with the processor after ROG2 and Black Shark 2Pro. The battery capacity is 4000mAh and supports 27W. PD fast charge protocol.

Thanks to the front and rear dual-screen design, the Nubia Z20 does not have a front lens, but the main lens is taken through the screen on the back. The photographer can also preview the adjustment posture in real-time. For those who do not know how to take pictures, sometimes they need to help the girl. The majority of male students taking pictures is undoubtedly the biggest gospel, and because of the front and rear dual-screen design, fingerprint recognition is placed on both sides of the phone frame.

As for the effect of side fingerprint recognition, Xiaobian said before testing Honor 20 Pro that the fingerprint at the side is still faster than the fingerprint at the screen, because the moment you take the phone out of your pocket, Finished unlocking! Very convenient.

The first dual-screen Snapdragon 855 Plus flagship release! 48MP front-mounted silent seconds, priced from 3499. To focus on the camera performance of the Z20, this is also the part that dominated the conference.

Let’s talk about the post-parameter configuration, using Sony’s IMX586 sensor, with 48 Megapixels, plus a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8MP telephoto lens. The parameters are already at the top level. Specifically, if you look at the aperture, you will use a large aperture of F/1.7 and support three-axis optical image stabilization.

In addition, the Nubia Z20 has a wide angle of 122.2° and incorporates an intelligent correction for wide-angle distortion, supporting 2.5cm super macro images. Support 3 times lossless optical zoom and 30x digital zoom, the function is quite complete.

As for the front lens, it is also because of the front and rear dual-screen design, Z20 can directly use the rear camera module for pre-self-timer! What concept is this? It means that 16 million front, 24MP front, and even 3200 front lenses all have to go down the drain! Because its actual imaging effect is handled by the rear module.

In addition, in response to the self-photographing needs of the majority of women, the Z20 is also equipped with a large-size two-color soft light, which has obvious advantages in the field comparison test. It can be said that this is the strongest self-timer phone.

Finally, the color and price. The Nubia Z20 has three colors: Starry Blue, Koi Red, and Diamond Black. The price of 6G+128G is 3499 yuan, the price of 8G+128G is 3699 yuan, and the price of 8G+512G is 4199 yuan. The mobile phone will open the reservation on August 8.


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