Nubia M2 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review


Two days ago, Nubia has released its first dual rear camera smartphone,Nubia M2, which is also a Snapdragon 625 Octa core smartphone with all metal body, we are so curious about its performance before it comes out. Right now we can finally see the result, as we know, Xiaomi has also released one Snapdragon 625 smartphone,Redmi Note 4X with large battery. So they have some similarity and difference, we are also curious about which one is better. Today we will make comparison between Nubia M2 and Redmi Note 4X smartphone.


Nubia M2 has 360° rotated sandblasting craftsmanship processing, in antenna line, it has also made big efforts to keep balance between perfect craftsmanship and reliable communications.

The little red circle on the home button has become a symbol of Nubia phone, so Nubia M2 also has a red little circle to support fingerprint scanner on the home button.

Redmi Note 4X has similar design to Redmi Note 4, the sensor and camera on the top use round symmetrical design, it adopts classic three virtual buttons under the screen, it has 5.5 inch FHD screen, same as Nubia M2.  

In accessory, it has a power adapter, a Micro USB cable and a SIM pin.

There is light sensor on the top left of receiver and 5MP camera on the right design, on the right side is the power button and volume button. There are microphone, IR remote sensor and 3.5mm earphone jack on the top of Redmi Note 4X, and speaker in symmetrical design and Micro USB port at the bottom. Redmi Note 4X adopts three step design, but it doesn’t have all metal body, only in the middle, it is metal body, and plastic material up and down.

Therefore, in terms of design quality, Nubia M2 is better than Redmi Note 4X.


Nubia M2 Antutu

Nubia M2 is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB/238GB internal storage, supporting TF card extension. It has 5.5 inch FHD screen, over 400PPI, and 90% color saturation. In addition, it has dual band Wifi, 4G network, in Antutu test, it has got 62,000 points, which belongs to mid-range level, and meet all different needs to use.

Redmi Note 4X Antutu

However, Redmi Note 4X is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, RAM 3GB/4GB ROM 32GB/64GB internal storage, according to Antutu test, it has got 61,472 points, which can also meet your daily use. We also test on Geekbench, it shows excellent performance. No need to worry about playing games.

Therefore, compared with their performance by Antutu, they both are similar level.


Normal Sample

Nubia M2 has dual 13MP back camera with CMOS lens, MONO sensor, improving 96.6% light-in, supporting smart de-noise and 3D de-noise way, which can reduce the noise to take photos at night. It has 16MP front camera, 5 lens, F2.0 aperture, supporting screen light filling.

Human Mode sample

In Nubia M2, it has used NeoVision6.5 version, adding black and white camera, stereo camera, human mode and so on.

Micro distance sample

Under human mode, there are two lens working, smartphone can analyse depth of field to achieve such functions as background blurring, auto focus, and focus before or after.

However, Redmi Note 4X has 13MP back camera, supporting 0.3s PDAF, HDR effect, built in 17 kinds of real-time filter, which can meet common users daily needs for taking photos. According to sample, we can see good performance on back camera.

In photographing details, it takes nice photos in micro distance, capturing good details,no distortion when narrowing.

In night photographing, Redmi Note 4X has weak performance.After all, it only sells at 999 yuan, $166.

Therefore, Nubia M2 has better camera photographing in taking photos in the day and at night.


Nubia M2 is built in 3,630mAh battery, adding NeoPower 2.5 power saving technology and 118 complete battery life optimization. Users don’t have to charge every day. According to real test, Nubia M2 uses in two hours 17 minutes in GPS navigation, it only consuming 16% power, the overall battery performance makes us satisfy.

In addition, Nubia M2 supports 5V-5.2A 26W NeoCharge quick charge technology, its charging speed is 5 times faster than common chargers, adding 26 safety security, making charging speed safe and rapidly.

As for Redmi Note 4X battery life, Redmi Note 4X is built in 4,100mAh battery, 14nm Snapdragon 625 processor, FHD screen, the overall performance is good. After using smartphone in 20 minutes phone calling, 3 hours video watching, 2 hours game playing, 4 hours social network playing, one hour shopping, there is no problem to use in one day. So Redmi Note 4X with 4100mAh battery can meet your daily needs completely.

In battery charging, Redmi Note 4X has 5V/2A power adapter without quick charge, it takes 170 minutes from 0% to 100% to charge full. In the first 100 minutes of charging, it can charge 10% in 10 minutes average, after it reaches 83% power, the charging speed has slowed down.


Nubia M2  is the first dual rear camera smartphone, Redmi Note 4X is a competitive smartphone in large battery. But Nubia M2 is more expensive than Redmi Note 4X, if you are interested in better camera performance, Nubia M2 is a good choice, if you care about your money, you can try this Redmi Note 4X. Right now Nubia M2.

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