Nubia Red Magic 3 Design, Specs, Review and More


Nubia is, along with Xiaomi, ASUS and Razer, one of the companies that bet on the mobile gamer. Its latest release, the Nubia Red Magic Mars, hit the market on November 28 with the Snapdragon 845 and 10GB of RAM, making it one of the most powerful mobile phones at the time. Today, a couple of months later and coinciding with the presentation of Xiaomi’s Black Shark 2, Ni Fei, CEO of the Nubia, has revealed some “details” (in quotes) of its next model.

He has done this through his official Weibo account and, although he has not revealed details and exact components, he has left us with a few clues. According to the executive, the Nubia Red Magic 3 aims to be presented at an event in April and will mount the latest Qualcomm and possibly 12GB of RAM.

In what Fei has dubbed the “unified spoiler”, the co-founder of the company reveals that the Nubia Red Magic 3 will have “liquid and air cooling with a turbofan”, which would resemble the system to a PC more than mobile. The previous model had a double heat pipe that cooled the mobile by convection , while the Xiaomi Black Shark 2, for example, has liquid cooling by contact.

Another point that stands out is that it will have “the most powerful mobile processing platform in the industry”, which seeing the rest of competitors and the market would result in a Snapdragon 855 processor and Adreno 640 GPU . It will also mount, according to the CEO, “the highest RAM in the industry”, which could mean that it will have the 12GB LPDDR4X that Samsung started manufacturing relatively recently.

Fei also has words for the speed of screen refresh , which will be “higher than most gaming computers” and will offer eye protection. The most advanced we currently have in smartphones are the 120 Hz screens like the Razer Phone , and gaming monitors usually emphasize the 144Hz. It may be the first one, since it is more common and some games are optimized for it , but they may surprise us.

Finally, the CEO has mentioned the battery, which will be larger than the previous generation, that is, Nubia Red Magic 3 will have more than 3800mAh, and that the device will have a customizable 4D vibration motor . That could be the same as the Xiaomi Black Shark 2, which detects scenes and games and vibrates depending on the context. Fei has said that we can see it in April, so we should not take too long to leave doubts.

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