Nubia Red Magic 3 Review: World First Coolest Design Gaming Phone


At present, the smartphone market has become a red sea. The emergence of new phones every month has already made people feel tired. The models with almost the same shape and bright spots are also aesthetically tiring: in addition to Qi Liuhai, water drop screen, gradient There are no other ways to play things like color, night scenes, etc.

In the past month, Nubia frequently “glows”. First, the Nubia Alpha created a wristwatch form, which is followed by a new generation of e-sports mobile phone the world’s first Red Magic with a built-in centrifugal fan.

The Red Magic 3 is the industry’s first mobile phone with a built-in centrifugal fan. It has a cooling air duct and an independent air duct design. It uses an ultra-light, quiet and high-efficiency centrifugal fan to exchange hot and cold air for active heat dissipation. 

It is worth mentioning that the small fan is only 1 gram, can run 30,000 hours continuously, 14000R.PM fan speed can achieve 50 hot and cold air exchanges per second, the internal heat of the mobile phone will be actively discharged by this small fan, from then on Immersed in e-sports mobile games without worrying about mobile phone cooling.

In addition to being hardcore and unprecedented fan, the Red Magic 3 also has two of the rarest and hard-core configurations available today – 90Hz screen refresh rate and 240Hz touch refresh rate. Compared with the current, the current mainstream brand mobile phone screen refresh rate is still basically at 60Hz.

Built-in centrifugal fan and 90Hz screen refresh rate, the breakthrough of these two characteristics on the mobile phone is undoubtedly another step for the Red Magic to break away from the matrix of the traditional smartphone and move toward the ultimate goal. breaking the inherent perception that people have always thought that e-sports phones are similar to traditional smartphones.

Design & Appearance

The Red Magic 3 uses a 19.5:9 ratio 6.64-inch slender screen, and the design of the rejected shaped screen is very similar to the previous generation of the Red Magic Mars. In addition, its screen quality has reached the domestic first-line level, FHD + AMOLED 1080P visually very comfortable, and the Red Magic 3 is also equipped with DC dimming optimization and 90Hz ultra-high screen refresh rate, smooth operation.

Forehead details, not using the popular bangs, water droplets, punching, and other special-shaped screens, in order to take care of the needs of mobile game players, it retains the border on this 19.5:9 ratio large screen to enhance the grip experience. This also allows for the dual-NXP Smart PA unit speaker design to be symbiotic. The chin details, in order to reduce the misunderstanding when holding the phone during the e-sports mobile game, Nubia cut the chin width of the Red Magic 3 to a certain extent.

For the sake of heat dissipation, glass has never been the preferred material for gaming phones. The same is true for the Red Magic 3. The back of the phone is made of metal, and by continuing the texture and decoration design of the previous generation, the metal body is not as abrupt as it is today in the glass, giving a unique sense of electromotive wind. The most unconventional, this diamond-shaped 48-megapixel single-shot and angular rear-mounted fingerprint module on the back, this style is flamboyant and highly recognizable, based on the fine-tuning of the Red Magic 2. The biggest change is due to the design of the built-in fan, the air inlet slot is added between the rear camera and the fingerprint module.

As mentioned above, the built-in fan. Then there is wind through in the air inlet slot. As shown above, the air outlet slot is located at the side frame of the phone, just does not damage the overall look of the phone. After the RGB element is added to the esport/game mobile phone, the Red Magic 3 is also going further and further on the road of the “light factory”. The center of the back of the Red Magic 3 is a 16.8 million-color RGB light strip that provides a variety of lighting effects such as Aurora, interstellar, and skyline. It is worth mentioning that the Red Magic 3 also added the light effect to the logo light at the bottom of the phone for the first time, supporting both steady and blinking states. The Red Magic 3 retains a 3.5mm headphone jack. The bottom is the Type-C power jack.

Hardware & Performacne

By 2019, although people rarely talk about performance when it comes to flagship mobile phones, performance is a “heart” as the basis of all experiences. It is still the most important concern for flagship phones or e-sports phones. One of the aspects.

The Xiaolong 855 has become the standard for this year’s mainstream flagship model, and the Red Magic 3 can’t be absent naturally. Regarding this star u, we have done many introductions and analysis before.

In terms of parameters, the Red Magic 3 is equipped with the current top Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 flagship processor. Built on a 7nm process, it adopts Kryo architecture 485 CPU, which is composed of 1 super big core + 3 big cores + 4 small cores. The highest frequency is up to 2.84GHz. With the Adreno 640 GPU, graphics processing performance has also jumped significantly.

Memory, Red Magic 3 also fully take care of the huge demand of e-sports players, equipped with a 6GB start, 12GB capped LPDDR4X memory blessing, storage is high-standard UFS2.1 flash memory, the parameters are the first line of the Android camp.

More than the top parameters. Red Magic 3 is also equipped with ICE2.0 multi-dimensional stereo cooling system, the most eye-catching is the built-in active cooling fan, 14000R.PM fan speed, the first built-in active cooling in the mobile phone, as well as liquid-cooled heat pipe, multi-layer graphite Layers, copper foil fins, and other heat dissipation technologies are also included. Naturally, we can also contribute to the full performance of a performance, which we will show later in the experience section.

Let’s run a Scores first.

1, Lu Master / Antutu / GeekBench / GFXBench test

Master Lu: You can evaluate and compare the five core hardwares of CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and display. It is more suitable for ordinary white users to understand mobile phone related information.

Ann Bunny Introduction: The world’s number one mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tool can comprehensively examine the performance of all aspects of the device including the user experience, and visualize the ranking. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be compared across platforms.

About GeekBench: A cross-platform CPU performance test tool that accurately reflects the single core and multi-core performance of the device CPU. The test load simulates real-life application design, and the results are more meaningful. It can also measure the performance of GPU graphics.

Introduction to GFXBench: Cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmarking software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios can fully examine the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the device and enable battery life testing.

Looking at the results of the above group of running points test, you can see that in the Antutu test, the Red Magic 3 comprehensive score reached nearly 390,000 points, has reached the Android camp’s running limit, leaving a group of flagship phones behind.

Geekbench single-core score of 3471 points, multi-core 10993 points, belongs to the top flagship of the Xiaolong 855 model. In the master of Lu, the score is close to 440,000 points, directly jumping to the top of the list to become the current first.

In terms of graphics performance, it can be seen through GFXBench that it has already been overwhelming. From the hardware parameters and running scores, the Red Magic 3 have achieved our expected performance.

2, PCMark test

Introduction to PCMark: PCMark is a test software that considers the comprehensive performance of the whole machine. It can accurately reflect the processing performance of the daily use of the mobile phone, and multiple daily test scenarios, such as web browsing, video editing, document writing, photo editing, etc. Perform a battery life test.

It should be noted that PCMark’s running point is biased towards energy consumption, that is, the higher the power consumption and performance of the more balanced mobile phone score. It can be seen that in terms of energy efficiency ratio, the Red Magic 3 are stronger than the flagship models.

3, Androbench test

About Androbench: AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the 4K random storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage. The continuous reading speed is around 787MB/s.

4, The game frame rate

Here I chose the two popular mobile games of “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite” to test the Red Magic 3 e-sports phone, and then observe its frame number performance.

– “Glory of the King”

“King of Glory” is known as the popular MOBA mobile game. The author opens the high frame rate mode in the game settings, multi-thread optimization, high-definition picture quality, and the highest picture quality.

It can be seen that the performance of the Red Magic 3 is very stable, and the number of frames of the picture is maintained at around 61 frames, with only a slight fluctuation of 0.55 frames.

“Peace Elite”

“Peace Elite” is one of the popular chicken hand games, and it is also a large-scale mobile game with high requirements on mobile phone hardware. Here I open the HDR HD quality in the settings and the number of super high frames. In the test, the number of frames of “Peace Elite” has been stable at 39, so that the number of frames can maximize the smoothness of the game. It can be seen that whether it is “Glory of the King” or “Peace Elite”, the Red Magic 3 e-sports mobile phone can continue to run in full frame or almost continuous full frame. Fourth, experience: only 90Hz screen can taste the high frame of the happy measured full blood to eat chicken has been cool

90Hz screen experience

The difference and relationship between the refresh rate Hz and the frame rate fps is a common topic. The refresh rate Hz refers to the display refresh rate, which indicates the physical refresh rate of the display. For example, the 90Hz screen of the Red Magic 3 can refresh 90 pictures in one second, and the other 60Hz screen models refresh 60 pieces.

The frame rate refers to the speed of the picture refresh rate. For example, 80fps means that 80 pictures are refreshed in one second. The frame rate is usually affected by the graphics processor of the device. The stronger the graphics processing power, the higher the frame rate.

For example, if the frame rate of a mobile game is stable to 80fps, but the display only supports 60Hz, then the frame rate of 80fps cannot be displayed on the display, because the display can only display 60 frames per second, which is wasted. In other words, in order to truly experience the high frame rate, the display device must be in place to experience a high frame rate.

I have tested two commonly used social apps. The number of frames in QQ is almost always more than 60 frames. It is certain that the visual experience of using Red Magic 3 to chat QQ is definitely better than other models. As for WeChat, everyone is in each other. It is.

However, like the game frame number test we saw in the performance section, the number of frames of “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite” is locked at 60 frames and 40 frames by the upper limit of the game itself. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize that the performance of the two games at this stage is the same as that of the ordinary screen.

The 90Hz screen has only just begun to emerge. With the follow-up of the whole industry, the software business will definitely change the frame limit. Therefore, although the current game is not used for the time being, it will follow the follow-up industry. It will not be wasted.

Red Magic 3 is still very concerned about screen quality and perception. In addition to the 90Hz screen, it incorporates a low-brightness DC dimming switch in the system, suitable for use at low brightness.

Heat test

The Red Magic phone is very hot to the phone when it is born. This time it is equipped with ICE2.0 multi-dimensional stereo cooling system, the most eye-catching is the built-in active cooling fan, 14000R.PM fan speed, the first built-in active cooling in the mobile phone, as well as liquid cooling heat pipe, multi-layer graphite Layers, copper foil fins, and other heat dissipation technologies are also included. But how many heat-dissipating moves can really bring about an improvement in the perceived experience? Especially for the Snapdragon 855, today’s king glory, peace elite, and other mobile games have not been able to bring them a challenging threat.

The ambient temperature is constant at around 31 degrees. We use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the upper part of the phone during the game of Peace Elite. Record it every 10 minutes to see what the fan-based cooling system can do. ?

At this time, the mobile phone is in the standby state, and the measured temperature is 32.5 degrees. After 10 minutes, the temperature near the location rose to 33.3 degrees. After 20 minutes, the temperature near the location rose to 35.4 degrees. After 30 minutes, the temperature at this location stabilized at around 37 degrees.

The icy number may not be good for people to perceive this temperature control effect. The most intuitive experience of the author is that the feel of the whole game is always warm. If the game is suspended in the background, the body will cool down very quickly. On the one hand, it is also related to the “heavy elite” and other mobile games that do not cause too much load pressure on the Red Magic 3.


Photographing has never been an area that e-sports mobile phones care too much. The first product of the Red Magic e-sports mobile phone is a single shot. Today’s Red Magic 3 is still equipped with a single shot.

However, assessing the ability and quality of photographs is not just looking at the number of cameras. The rear camera of the Red Magic 3 is not an unknown sensor for scanning code, but the 48 Megapixel IMX586 that is commonly heard by Sony.

In addition to the Red Magic 3, many other brands of the flagship are also using this very good top-level CMOS, which has a 1/2-inch large size sensor, f1.79 ± 5% aperture, 80.32 ° wide angle, 0.8 μm large pixels.

Next, let’s take a look at the proofs.

Samples Shots

This is a sample taken by the Red Magic 3 in the case of plenty of outdoor light. The exposure is appropriate, the color is also very pleasing, retaining quite a lot of picture details.

In the backlit environment of the hot sun, the Red Magic 3 film can suppress the over-exposure caused by the glare, and the details of the backlight are not hidden, showing a high degree of picture tolerance.

In the dark environment, the performance of the Red Magic 3 is slightly weaker than the daytime, and the brightness of the picture is obviously much bleak. Fortunately, the sharpness of the picture is high and pure.

Night color reproduction is also true enough, but as seen above, the brightness of the nighttime picture still needs to be improved, I believe that the subsequent algorithm optimization can be improved, after all, its performance is memorable. As a single camera without a sub-camera and not taking a photo, this imaging performance is enough.

It should be acknowledged that compared with the models of more cameras, the disadvantage of the Red Magic 3 is the lack of modules such as wide-angle lenses and macro lenses, which are not suitable for diverse shooting scenes. From our proofs, the usual photo needs, the IMX586 can also be a one-off.

8K video

Nubia also added 8K video and 1920fps slow motion to the Red Magic 3. Somewhat incredible here is that the Sony IMX586 hardware cap can only support 4K/96fps video, the standard resolution of 8K video is 7680*4320, and the total pixel is about 33.17 million. It should be realized by interpolation, and there is no video website in China to support 8K video playback. This item cannot be displayed temporarily.


Not to mention the huge size of the Red Magic 3 at a glance, the weight of 215 grams alone means that it can not be considered a lightweight player. Fortunately, such a large design was not wasted, and this time comes with a 5000mAh large battery.

Let’s take a look at the specific performance of the Red Magic 3.

Online video

I use the bilibili client to play online barrage video, 70% brightness, 50% volume, starting from 99% power, lasting 60 minutes, the remaining power is 90%, and the power consumption is 9%. According to such a power-down rate, it is not a problem to pursue 10 hours in this environment.

The game life

The author selected a lot of mobile game “Peace Elite” for the game test, the default quality, frame number to play the game. Starting from 99% of electricity, the game is 60 minutes, the remaining power is 84%, and the power consumption is 15%. According to this estimation, in this test environment, playing “Peace Elite” can last for about 6 to 7 hours.


The Red Magic 3’s charging head supports the PD protocol, up to 27W, which is a universal accessory. It is very convenient to borrow and use it for others.

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Nubia is a maverick of manufacturers. From the previous optical no border to the Alpha wristwatch, the Gaming phone with built-in fan to today, in addition to the double-sided mobile phone, Nubia’s innovation Most of them are unique secrets that no one has to follow.

What is the significance of these innovations far from the mainstream, I believe that as time goes by, we will go back and taste the taste?

We returned to Nubia Red Magic 3, it is distinctive, and by the impact of e-sports community after being the name the publicity has been brewing temperament, appearance all-metal body, the family tradition of the Red Magic even more of the more RGB lights It is impressive to show the highly recognizable esports attributes and traits.

In terms of the actual experience of the Red Magic 3, its targeted configuration and optimization of the game is a watershed between the game mobile phone and other ordinary flagship mobile phone areas: for the ultimate cooling, it has a built-in fan, equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate. The quality screen, as well as the previous 4D shock, touch buttons, game space, and other exclusive optimizations,  have also improved the immersion in the mobile game process.

What is commendable is that the Red Magic 3 also has a high degree of completion in areas other than games. The typical one is that with the rear single shot of an IMX586, you can take photos that are the same as the mainstream flagship during the day. It is true that the night performance is slightly unsatisfactory and there will be a lack of super wide-angle and super-macro photos. Limited. However, photographs have not been the focus of e-sports mobile phones. E-sports mobile phones are born as partial students. It is very difficult for their cameras to scan from the scanner to the first-line flagship level in some environments.

In addition to the rear single shot, there is also an anti-mainstream design that is post-capacitive fingerprint recognition. Other traditional mainstream mobile phones at the same price have been equipped with screen fingerprints as standard. In this regard, some may become slots, but it does not affect that it is an excellent e-sports phone.

In just a few years, e-sports has never been accepted, and it has never been accepted and accepted to be widely accepted by society. Its development speed can be said to be very rapid. The country has listed it as a formal sports project, and the university has opened an e-sports-related Professional course. The e-sports mobile phone associated with it is also the same young. The rapid iteration of the three esports mobile phones of the Nubia Red Magic seems to be in the trend of adapting to the rapid growth of mobile e-sports.

In terms of price, the price of the 2899 yuan ($421.62) of the Nubia Red Magic 3 has also lowered the entry barrier, giving the mobile game e-sports a chance to contact professional e-sports equipment. In general, it is worth playing mobile games. Pursue the ultimate gaming experience to buy.

Nubia Red Magic 3
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