Nubia Red Magic 5G Charging Revealed: Real-Time Power 80W+


Xiaomi had previously demonstrated 100W mobile phone fast charging technology, and now Nubia seems to have broken the technology. This morning, Ni Fei president and co-founder Ni Fei showed the charging chart of the new flagship Red Devil 5G. The picture shows that the machine is charging, the voltage is 8.4V, the current is 9.6A, and the real-time power reaches 80W +, suggesting that it is very likely It already supports 100W power, and the fast charge protocol is USB PD, and 100W power is also the highest level of USB PD fast charge.

It is worth mentioning that the Red Magic 5G mobile phone’s network access information shows that the charger model equipped with this machine is NB-A1150A-USBA-C, and the charging power reaches 55W (11V / 5A). Therefore, the 100W charging power displayed today in Nubia may not be in mass production.

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