Nubia X Real Phone Official Video: This Screen is Really High


The Nubia will debut in the finale on October 31, the anniversary of the launch of the sincerity of 6 – Nubia the X- . This flagship machine, which is known as “eye-protection d-.-screen”, has gained enough attention before it has been unveiled, and everyone is particularly interested in its dual screen. So, what is the role of Nubia X’s dual screen? Just now, the official video shows us an important feature of the dual screen.

Regarding Nubia X, in the previous official definition, it was praised as the “eye-protection double screen” flagship. Like the Xiaomi MIX 3, it uses a unique dual-screen design on the road to the full screen – the front main screen and the backside screen. This design avoids the conflict between the front camera and the screen ratio and maximizes the integrity and proportion of the screen.

As can be seen from the video, the front of the Nubia X is almost a whole screen, and the border is very narrow, the effect is amazing, and the exact screen ratio will be announced on the day of the conference.

At the same time, the GOE team players used the Nubia X to play “eat chicken”, the overall fluency is very high, aiming at shooting in one go, it seems that in addition to the Snapdragon 845 chip, the game optimization may be upgraded again.

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According to the video, the players in the video also have the four-finger gun skills mastered by the professional players. Anyway, the rabbit is not able to see from the video where it is. However, it is presumed that Nubia X may be able to customize the back sub-screen to achieve the purpose of both hands and fingers.

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