Nubia X8 will come 6.44inch 4K Screen, 6GB RAM


Large screen has become the tendency for most smartphone brand since Samsung announced its Note series. In Chinese smartphone, Nubia can be regarded as earlier manufacturer in producing large screen. Since Nubia released Nubia X6, there is almost no news about the next model. After two years, Nubia X8 is finally coming. We can really experience the next flagship now.


It’s said Nubia X8 has three versions, standard version, advanced version and flagship version. The standard version will come with Snapdrogan 820 processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, its screen resolution has 1080*1920p. the higher version Snapdragon 820 CPU, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, 128GB, 2K screen resolution, the flagship version has Snapdragon 823 chipset, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB, and ROM 256GB two versions, its screen resolution is up to 4K. Although they have different hardware, they all have 6.44inch. Nubia X series is famous for large screen, after the first X6 with 6.44inch, the second one Nubia X8 still uses 6.44inch, but they have improved in its screen resolution, processor, storage, etc. This kind of performance is highest until now. As for network, we guess it will be possible to use netcom function, and in photography, Nubia smartphone performs best.


As for when Nubia X8 released, we have no idea about it. If Nubia released Nubia X8 in the next few months, it will be the best rival of Xiaomi Max. Since more and more people are inclined to the large screen, Nubia X8 is expected to be more popular so far. We hope Nubia brings more news about its release date and price.


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