Nubia Z11 Max Design, Battery, Hardware, Camera, Software Review


Yesterday Nubia has released it large screen smartphone Nubia Z11 MAX. As we know, in the past models, Nubia Z7, Nubia Z9 series have large screen Max version but also small screen Mini version which has solved the demand for different screen sizes. Now Nubia Z11 series also has large screen, Nubia Z11 MAX and small screen version Nubia Z11 Mini.  So how about this Nubia Z11 MAX? Is it really good to use large screen?



As a large screen smartphone, the first impress for us is very large but sleek and thin. In fact, the phone has 159.15×82.25mm dimensions, looking longer and wider compared with Nubia Z11 Mini. It has only 7.4mm thickness, and its longer and wider body make it seem thinner in vision. Nubia Z11 Max has 6inch 1080p screen, which is larger than Z9 Max with 5.5inch  and providing wider vision for better experience of checking photos, watching videos, playing games, etc. Nubia Z11 Max uses the ultra thin design, its bezel only has 1.32mm. and its screen to body ratio is up to 83.27%, which has narrowed effectively the body size, but also not feel so large and clumsy.


In order to improving the phone visual experience, we can see Nubia Z11 Max has a Super AMOLED screen which has higher comparison and color gamut compared with common display, it looks more vivid and colorful. More importantly, Super AMOLED screen is illuminated which can delay the battery life. It’s most proper to use this kind of screen. Meanwhile, it also uses 2.5D curved screen to improve its level and touch feeling. The back also has sleek curve design to hold better and more comfortably. Nubia Z11 MAX adopts the metal material with CNC processing to protect the phone from bending, breaking, etc.


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Nubia Z11 MAX is also attractive for its powerful battery. It adopts NeoPower 2.0 technology to improve its battery life instead of enhancing the battery capacity itself which can keep balance between hardware and software. As for hardware, it has 4,000mAh battery which has obvious advantage than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Besides, we tested it only consumes 4% when watching video online for 30 minutes. And when playing the 3D game for 30 minutes, it also only takes 5% power.


Therefore, we can see NeoPower 2.0 has played important role in battery life. Meanwhile, Nubia Z11 MAX supports Quick charge 3.0 technology. By testing, after it’s out of power totally, we charge it according to the original power adapter to charge 10 minutes, the power has increased from 0% to 11%, in 30 minutes, it is up to 34%, in 60 minutes, it reached 68%. So it can charge full in two hours.


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Nubia smartphones are well-known for its camera. Nubia Z11 MAX uses 16MP Sonly IMX298 main camera, F2.0 aperture, and 8MP front camera, its hardware belongs to high-end level. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the latest Nubia camera system, NeoVision 5.9 including multiple exposures, orbital, cloning and other functions. More importantly, it joined the real-time video filters. In other words, Nubia Z11 Max photos, not only can join filter, but also more powerful by adding filters during the filming a video. At present, Nubia Z11 Max support film, negative film, black and white, fisheye, sketch, mucha, LOMO and axis, 8 filter effects. We like ‘movie’ and ‘general’ filter most which can show the art effect freely.



As for Nubia Z11 Max imaging effect, you can see our photo samples. From them you can see, under the condition of outdoor light, a sample shows bright color, meticulous detail. In fact, thanks to the 3d noise reduction technology, Nubia Z11 Max sample in weak light indoor environment has increased quality obviously, as shown in the fifth picture on this page, the sample of color and color performance are relatively good.


Of course, in dark night indoor, Nubia Z11 MAX can also show the nice pictures according to 3D noise reduction function. So Nubia Z11 MAX is a really flagship in camera.


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Nubia Z11 MAX is powered by Snapdragon 652 Octa core processor which is the main one this year with 64bit 4G LTE similar to others like HTC 10 Lifesytle, Vivo XPlay 5. It has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB large storage to keep multitasking and other entertainment experience well.



As for phone experience, Nubia z11 max UI has improved a lot in smooth, natural and fluent aspects. Meanwhile, it has also use netcom2.1 network with dual NanoSIM card, dual standby, it supports 4G network up to 300Mbps downloading speed to expand the battery life and fingerprint scanner. By the way, you can insert both cards freely.




Nubia Z11 Max is equipped with Nubia UI 3.9.9 based on Android5.1.1 which has simple UI style. And its split screen has upgraded to split screen 2.0 which is a practical function for a 6inch smartphone. Meanwhile, it supports long screenshot function and gesture function in the edge to provide more convenience for a large smartphone with one hand.



Nubia Z11 MAX as the latest 6inch smartphone with wider visual effect. It’s very good not to only improve its hardware, but combined with software to improve its performance to bring faster experience for its users. It has extended battery life by NeoPower 2.0 technology to let users’ experiencing longer. And it has optimized in its software which we are expecting. So in general, Nubia Z11 MAX is a nice smartphone to have a try. And its selling price at $300 officially will be the best competitor as ZUK Z2 Pro.


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