Nubia Z11 mini S Officially Released at 1499 yuan, $250 (Unboxing Availed)


Today Nubia has held the press conference to release the Nubia Z11 MIni S smartphone in Beijing, which is famous for battery life and camera. Now the Nubia has announced its price that RAM 4GB ROM 64GB version sells at 1499 yuan, $250, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB black golden advanced version at 1899 yuan, $316, and it starts to preorder from now on, then it starts to sell officially on October 25 on Nubia official website and JD website.


Nubia Z11 Mini S uses 5.2inch 1080P screen, powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core 2.0GHz processor, it has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB and RAM 4GB and ROM 128GB two versions, coming with dual camera with 13MP front and 23MP back camera, built in 3000mAh battery which claims it can support 3.5 days battery life for daily use, and it can also support dual SIM card, dual standby, netcom, 4G LTE, and fingerprint scanner on its back.


As for its design, Nubia Z11 Mini S uses 6 levels aviation aluminum alloy material, enjoying metal ratio up to 98%, it has 2.5D curved glass, and little circle home button still stands out. There are three colors, Khaki, champagne and alloy. The antenna adopts like iPhone 7. Its fingerprint scanner on its back to support 0.1 second for quick wake-up, unlocking, screenshot, photographing, and other features. It can also support Alipay and wechat payment. Below are the unboxing of Nubia Z11 Mini S. So do you like its design?

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