Nubia Z11 mini S VS Xiaomi MI5S Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review(With Coupon)


We know Nubia has brought a new mini version of Nubia Z11, named Nubia Z11 Mini S, compared with Xiaomi MI5S, the tendency of standard 5inch screen is still quite attractive. Nubia Z11 Mini S and Xiaomi MI5S both have decent screen and camera, so we decide to compare them to let you what’s the main difference between them.

Nubia Z11 Mini S vs Xiaomi MI5S Specs:



Nubia Z11 Mini S compared with the previous models has big change in its design, especially on its back design. Nubia Z11 Mini S uses the new antenna design to bring better beauty, it has kept the balance between craftsmanship and beauty.




Xiaomi MI5S back design has bigger change, it uses CNC cutting, all metal body, but it still continues the big curved design like Xiaomi MI5 for better holding feel.




Thanks to the antenna line, Nubia Z11 Mini S has up to 98% metal body ratio. Nubia Z11 Mini S has done anodic oxidation processing, which is wear-resisting, full of metal quality, 2.5D curved screen makes the touching feel sleek. This kind of design makes 5.2inch Nubia Z11 Mini S look more compact and operate without pressure in one hand.


Xiaomi MI5S uses 5.15inch 1080P LCD screen, 2.5D curved glass, the brightness is good in general, but it uses ID bezel-less like Letv, when light on, the black bezel looks very obvious. So the  beauty of Xiaomi MI5S will vary from person to person.


Therefore, in design, Xiaomi MI5S and Nubia Z11 Mini S has its own advantage, so you can choose the one as you like more.


Nubia smartphone is often famous for camera, right now Nubia Z11 Mini S has come with Sony IMX318 23MP main camera, F2.0 aperture,  PDAF function, higher image quality. In picture details, it shows amazing performance. Nubia Z11 Mini S can output RAW file which can improve the professional experience but also more convenient for users to edit the pictures. In front camera, Nubia Z11 Mini S uses 13MP Sony IMX258 camera to support PDAF which brings the excellent image quality and has over others’ rear camera from other manufacturers.



But the most outstanding feature of Xiaomi MI5S is the Sony IMX378 sensor, first released by Xiaomi, it is  the latest model of Sony Exmor R series sensor, coming with 12MP back camera, 1/2.3 inch which is 59% bigger than iPhone 6S Plus. It has 1.55um  single pixel, the light-in is 61% bigger that iPhone 6S Plus, and its front camera has 4MP.


In distant vision, Nubia Z11 Mini S performs very well, and pure, accurate white balance, showing natural color, thanks to 23MP rear camera.


Nubia Z11 Mini S Long distance Sample

Xiaomi MI5S under the nice light has also shown the nice white balance control and color restoring, after enlarging, the analysis ability is also amazing.


Xiaomi MI5S Long distance Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Sample after Enlarging

In close vision sample, Nubia Z11 Mini S controls white balance well, bright color, objects distinct, and pictures shows very naturally. Under the environment of brightness and darkness, the bright part doesn’t have over-brightness and over exposure, and the dark part has clear image and keeps the details very well.


Nubia Z11 Mini S Close Distance Sample


Nubia Z11 Mini S Close Distance Sample

About Xiaomi MI5S close distance sample, the contrast and color saturation brings nice color.


Xiaomi MI5S Close Distance Sample


Xiaomi MI5S Close Distance Sample

In macro distance sample, Nubia Z11 Mini S shows its real camera, the focus can be seen very clearly, and small burr is clearly visible on the plant, it shows obviously virtual. background and over natural transition between virtuality and reality.


Nubia Z11 Mini S Macro Distance Sample

Xiaomi MI5S shows fast focusing speed, delicate picture, color restores well, its background virtual ability of F/2.0 shows quite amazing in macro distance.


Therefore, according to Xiaomi MI5S and Nubia Z11 Mini S camera test, they both are really outstanding for their camera which will bring more excellence for your life and work to replace SLR camera. So they are even in camera.


Nubia Z11 Mini S is powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core 64bit processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, and supports up to 200G storage, it can support multi-tasking, large games, high definition video downloading due to large storage. Now check its Antutu score, it shows 60,103 scores which can compare with Snapdragon 810 processor. So there will be no problem for playing large games, apps, watching high definition video.


Nubia Z11 Mini S Antutu Score

But Xiaomi MI5S is powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, 2.15GHz, RAM 3GB/4GB ROM 64GB/128GB, which is better than Nubia Z11 Mini S. According to antutu test, it has over 140,000 points, thanks to MIUI 8 OS. It can run smoothly and response actively.

                                             Xiaomi MI5S Antutu Score

Therefore, in performance, Xiaomi MI5S can definitely win over Nubia Z11 Mini S.


Nubia Z11 Mini S has come with 3,000mAh battery, and NeoPower 2.0 technology, according to the official, it can support three and half day battery life. For light use, we believe it is true about this kind of battery life.


As for Xiaomi MI5S battery life, Xiaomi MI5S has used 3,200mAh battery, although this time they don’t use 4,000mAh battery like Redmi series, it supports 9V/1.5A quick charge function. After testing, it can charge from 10% and 68% within 40 minutes. Actually it can support one day to use without problem.

In all, Xiaomi MI5S and Nubia Z11 Mini S have similar battery life, they are even in this aspect!

Other Features

 Nubia Z11 Mini S OS

Nubia Z11 Mini S runs Android 6.0 OS which can support super screenshot, flash transmission, NeoSafe 2.0 back fingerprint scanner and other nice features, Xiaomi MI5S runs its own MIUI 8 OS based on Android6.0 OS, 3D Touch and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under glass. In functions, Xiaomi mi5s can win due to its black technology.

                                                   Xiaomi mi5s MIUI 8 OS


Nubia Z11 Mini S and Xiaomi MI5S can have nice similarity in camera, design, and battery, but in terms of hardware, Xiaomi MI5S can win over Nubia Z11 Mini not only in terms of antutu. But considering the price, Nubia Z11 Mini S  RAM 4GB ROM 64GB version sells at 1499 yuan, $250, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB black golden advanced version at 1899 yuan, $316, but Xiaomi MI5S  RAM 3GB ROM 64GB at 1999 yuan, $330, and RAM 4GB ROM 128GB version at 2299 yuan, $383. Therefore, if you don’t pursue too high-end performance, Nubia Z11 Mini S is enough to use, but you are a game lover, we highly recommend choosing Xiaomi MI5S.

Compare the price from the following stores:

Gearbest:  Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Golden  at $479.99
                  RAM 6GB ROM 128GB Golden at $478.99
Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM Silver at $318.99 (flash sale)     Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $389.99  (flash sale)  

Efox:    Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB at €389.99  XIAOMI MI 5S PLUS 6GB RAM at  €469.99
Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB at  €324.99  Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB at €389.99

Banggood:  Xiaomi MI5S  3GB RAM 64GB ROM at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S 4GB 128GB at 449.89usd
Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at 419.99usd     
MI5S Plus RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at$489.99

Geekbuying:   Xiaomi MI5S RAM 3GB ROM 64GB at 292.99usd    Xiaomi MI5S RAM 4GB ROM 128GB at $467  (flash sale)  

Xiaomi MI5S Plus RAM 4GB ROM 64GB Golden  at 339.99usd   MI5S Plus RAM 6GB ROM 128GB at $537


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