Nubia Z11 Mini Smartphone Review


Recently, Nubia released some news about Nubia Z11 and Nubia Z11 Max, but we may not forget Nubia Z11 Mini smartphone which comes with 5inch FHD Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Nubia Z11 Mini is a nice one to meet all your needs in photography. Nubia claimed Nubia Z11 Mini is well-known small smartphone, amazing functions. When we are going for large screen, we still look back to the small screen about this smartphone, Nubia Z11 Mini. But how can Nubia Z11 Mini impress us? Just check it with us.



Nubia Z11 Mini has its own advantage in hands holding. If you want to improve the visual experience and touch experience, the manufacture should consider the design outside and inside. Nubia Z11 Mini performs well in these two aspects. First, about body design, 2.5D front and back camera combined with curved metal frame and 5inch small size bring comfortable holding feel. When we are used to large screen smartphone, and then touch the Nubia Z11 Mini, we feel solid. What’s more, it is easy to take or bring in our pockets.


The corner of the body is so sleek and smooth not to make us uncomfortable. It’s the little red circle under the screen and we can set up the right and left button at the bottom. It’s easier to operate to set up the back button on the right.


But there is one place not so perfect that Nubia Z11 Mini didn’t use glass material on the back, which will be easily infected with fingerprint.


Some auxiliary functions is a good way to meet the needs to use the phone in one hand in interaction design. Turn on the gesture function, switch the application by sliding the screen in one hand. When I set up sliding on wechat, the interface can easily come out, very conveniently It’s worthwhile to know that Nubia Z11 Mini can not only unlock the screen by fingerprint, but also take the photos and make screenshots. Nubia UI increased brand new screenshot function. We can press the fingerprint module on the back long to make the screenshot. I like the function a lot.


The fingerprint has the other function to take photos which is a nice interaction function. When we take photos, fingerprint taking photos is faster and more stable than pressing the button which ensure the image quality. Nubia Z11 Mini has continued the design of Z9 Mini  not to use no border-less frame which makes us a little disappointed.


Nubia smartphone is well-known as taking photos excellently. Nubia Z11 Mini still behaves well in this function. It uses Sony IMX298 like OPPO R9 Plus, Huawei Mate 8 and Xiaomi Mi5. About other specs, it has f / 2.0 large aperture, 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera including multiple exposures, movement, light painting, electronic aperture, slow door, orbital and cloning of camera, which is full of playability. For example, we can play in different role by clone camera.  In general, professional mode and automatic mode can meet our basic needs, but if we want to take the effect like Star movement and light painting, you need to be patient and bring a tripod.




Compared with Nubia Z9 Mini, Nubia Z11 Mini design is more simple in its camera interface. Z9 Mini put cameras in different mode in main interface, a little complicated and redundant. However, Z11 Mini has integrated all modes in its camera interface more convenient to use. Z11 Mini pictures show the nice performance in details and white balance under the sunlight. The color is brighter to catch our eyes.



At night, the photography function of Nubia Z11 Mini is fair, it is more sensitive for light capturing, high light appeared more exposed, and the shadow place will lose more details. Although Nubia Z11 Mini has stabilization function, it seems so so at night. It behaves well in noise control which is due to 3D noise reduction technology of Nubia Z11 Mini. In all, taking photos at night is not so good.


Performance and Battery Life

We also test its performance and battery life. Nubia Z11 Mini is highlighted in photographing, not the Snapdragon 617 processor.  It uses this processor to make us feel a little disappointed. As for performance, the Antutu score is 43139, ranking 26 in the Antutu list.  Of course we can’t judge the phone by Antutu score. When we play games like Royal War, it plays well, but testing Wild Motorcycle Racing 8, it seems not so smooth to play this kind of large games. In battery life, Nubia Z11 Mini supports USB Type C, no quick charge. It takes three hours 20 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. The standby power in one night is 92% under full power. We need to charge once a day. Z11 mini has 2800mAh battery which is lower than Nubia Z9 Mini with 2900mAh battery.  But the thickness of Z11 Mini is 8mm which is 0.2mm thinner than Nubia Z9 Mini. In order to become thinner, Nubia Z11 Mini has to reduce battery power. In fact, Nubia Z11 Mini needs to improve its battery life. As for overheating, we do daily use, it will not cause this problem.


 In Conclusion
Nubia Z11 Mini has good experience in its screen and photography. We think that’s the real reason most people would like to have a try. However, Nubia Z11 Mini should improve its processor and battery life, especially for playing large games. Right now Nubia Z11 Mini smartphone has three colors option, black, white, and gold for your choice, the RAM 3GB, ROM 64GB sells at 250usd. If you like its design and camera, you can try and share with us.

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