Nubia Z17 Lite Review: A Very Affordable Premium Average Range Smartphone


I must say that I’m a big fan of Nubia, most of their models are always charming, of excellent quality and with very distinctive features. This sub-brand of ZTE has an excellent performance in the market, with elite models such as the Z17. these days we present you with an informative overview of the Nubia Z17 lite or NX563J, a device that came on the market about 6 months ago and that it belongs, say, to the “Premium” medium range, and that has some terribly interesting features and Geekbuying offering this smartphone in Black Gold and Blue color for a fantastic price of $279.89 after redeeming a particular coupon code that you can see in the last paragraph.

So let’s begin Review

ZTE Nubia Z17 lite integrates a 5.5-inch FullHD edge-to-edge display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 octane core processor, 6GB RAM, 64GB of storage, dual 2MP x 13MP camera, on the front we have a 16MP sensor, ideal for optimal quality Selfies and video calls. it has a 3200mAh battery that, although it may not be so powerful, is the quick Charge of the Qualcomm quick Charge 3.0 system, fingerprint scanner and android 7.0 nougat with Nubia UI interface.

We have a black gold color of the Nubia Z17 lite, packaging style, and previous Nubia flagship mobile packaging, black and red color combination of the highest and bottom lid carton packaging, the front is the classic red circle and logo, the rear of the product is the main info, accessories, additionally to the charger and the data line there Type-C to 3.5mm short-term interface, we can see the phone isn’t any headphone jack.

This Smartphone features a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a Full HD resolution, as we have said, without requiring-frames, the screen pixel density of 403PPI, the maximum brightness of 450nit, mistreatment Corning gorilla glass, the front of the 2.5D arc glass and the golden box in the right convergence, 2 Golden highlight of the trimming edges in the light of the exceptionally dazzling, the phone’s chin is the landmark of the Nubia red circle, left and right are 2 hidden virtual buttons, the screen out state, additionally to the bottom of the tiny red circle and the top Camera handset visible, the front panel seamless, totally black.

The power of the volume keys to maintaining the position of the peak of Nubia has always been the style, left is the sim card slot, the right is the volume and power button. the top is a noise-canceling microphone and the bottom is asymmetrical speaker microphone. the middle charging interface is a Type-C interface and supports audio output. The thickness of the body is just 7.6mm.

Nubia Z17 lite use of the integrated version of the metal body, single antenna design, high degree of reduction of the integration of the entire mobile design, the rear of the phone accounted for a better proportion of metal, not careful look, it is tough to see the bottom of the antenna segment. On the rear are a circular fingerprint identification area, the golden protecting ring and the golden logo below each other, dual 1300w pixel rear camera, situated in the upper left body position, sapphire protection lens, next to the flash.

Appearance, additionally to the antenna design, and flagship Z17 no vital modification, black gold color has always been my favorite, stylish atmosphere, sleek body, delicate feel, is extremely simple to induce started, the whole mobile is very integrated High, 168g weight in your hand doesn’t have any burden, more important there’s no border to bring a surprising visual expertise, many folks should browse after reading.

In the UI, Nubia Z17 lite equipped with the latest Nubia’s UI 5.0 OS , innovation joined NeoSmart wisdom engine, learn your habits severally, based on the use of scenarios to provide intelligent solutions, with more powerful and thoughtful tools, Delicate theme, lovely color, will breathe the icon, elegant animation effects, all aspects of the total smart Beauty.

Light up the phone, fresh interface makes me shine, compared to the previous extremely modified a lot, negative screen remains the horizon and rich camera software, sliding the edge of the right aspect of the screen inward, you can exhale fit Card, a recent reminder, and recent documents, etc., the screen down, exhaled search tool, pull down from the top, no longer a shortcut switch, and solely the notification bar, the bottom of the slip can be exhaled shortcut menu (bottom of the middle is the split screen sliding zone, Exhale shortcut switch need to avoid the middle).

On the slide exhaled shortcut switch function richer, the top is that the commonly used software, such as flashlight, calculator, super screenshot, the bottom is 2 office workers commonly used meeting projection and Nubia Flash, the bottom of the common shortcut switch, there are different Color as a distinction, no longer monotonous black and white.

Split screen mode to support custom size and screen, a screen dual-use. Super screenshots may be free screenshots, long screenshots, recording screen, to fulfill your individual needs. Application avatar as the hottest mobile phone function now is not limited to QQ, WeChat, also extended to the Weibo, Alipay, Douban, Taobao, the king of glory and alternative mainstream applications and games, so that a mobile phone to fulfill your 2 needs. fit edge touch by touching the edge of the screen, you can quickly return, switch applications, phone acceleration, brightness and different functions.

The UI new version provides life-like rhythms to desktop icons. Applications download, play music, and the desktop icons rhythmically breathe. Not solely does the mobile desktop have a hint of whimsy, it gives you a clearer view of your app’s health. whether the application is installed or the file is transferred, will pop up a reminder window, gently press the desktop application icon, pop-up window, you can directly preview the operating status of the APP, or for fast control, information exchange is more easy and convenient, there are some three-party software has not totally adapted.

The new version of UI also supports pay-screen payment, custom fingerprints as a fingerprinting, interest-screen state, simply fingerprinting the finger, you can directly call WeChat or Alipay two-dimensional code to pay, without having to open the phone Unlock the screen, however also for application encryption.

NFC blessing also makes travel and recharging easier. when the video is too large to share, the system will automatically cut the video and compressed into a small video in line with WeChat standard to send, share without interference.Nubia Z17 lite equipped with Nubia UI 5.0 can be represented as simple and smart personality, compared to the previous UI has more changes, there are several features can’t be time-related expertise, we can say, The new version of UI daily use is also more convenient, more and more excellent.

The Nubia Z17 lite equipped with 6 +64 GB storage portfolio, single channel LPDDR3, eMMC 5.1, and Nubia Z17 flagship LPDDR4X and UFS2.1 compared to a bigger shrink, equipped with Qualcomm 653 processor, 4xA72 +4xA53, GPU for the Adreno 510, through the use of Geekbench 4 run sub-test, single-core score 1477, multi-core score 4060, Antutu score divided into 93728 points, quite satisfactory results, however to play a king of glory is no downside, Xiaobian test The king of glory HD mode of operation, the performance isn’t bad, rarely dropped frames, the basic remained at concerning 30 frames.

For the battery life, solely people who use mobile phones on a daily basis only use up to 3 entertainment things each for 2 hours (the volume is about 70%), in which the game consumes a lot of power and has obvious fever (2 Hours of continuous playing king glory), other aspects of the power consumption is more reasonable, the end of the test mobile phone remaining power 28%, detailed information consider the table map, Nubia Z17Lite supports QC3.0 fast charge, 3200mAh battery, mistreatment Charger from the automatic shutdown began to charge, 1 hour will be able to charge 64, 2 hours to 100. NeoPower3.0 life technology to join, let the phone more power, light use up to 2 days no downside.

In the camera term Nubia Z17 lite equipped with IMX258 color + IMX258 black and white dual 13MP camera, front 16MP camera, the actual performance? Look directly at the sample. the primary is to appear in the details of the performance of the Nubia Z17 lite dual 13MP camera, this pixel is a bit little, after all, high-pixel can bring more details of the performance.

In the 1st image a plane taking off at a distant place with weak indoor light and cloudy weather, and the second one is a photograph of a signal tower at a height in good light conditions. In terms of both photos, the Nubia Z17 Lite the details of the version of the performance isn’t bad, although the pixel is somewhat low, enough to fulfill our daily needs.

Above a semi-backlight shooting for the sky, the sky appeared in some elements of the exposure, the general reduction of the sky more accurate looks more comfortable, dark details also retained additional.

This is a building photo thats taken in a sunny environment, with a very bright and clear image.

As can be seen from the 2 photos, the camera is more sensitive to color, saturation and brightness are more satisfactory.

With portrait mode after the traditional performance

With portrait mode after the non-normal performance

The above is the contrast mode after opening the portrait mode, we can see through the picture, turn on portrait mode, the background blur is obvious, the effect is extremely good, edge processing is also in place, can be in the same plane close to things focus, when the environment is more complicated, the camera may be forced at this time, of course, the actual subject shooting a single general, won’t seem this disorder.

Here we are left a video if you want to find out more about this stunning smartphone

Overall, the Nubia Z17 lite have a high-quality camera, although compared with the Nubia Z17 ultimate shrink a lot, however the 6GB + 64G memory combination enough to form the phone run smoothly several Large-scale games, metal integrated body, with excellent feel, dual-band Wi-Fi also permits you to have a faster internet expertise for the pursuit of beauty, love taking pictures of friends, is a good selection.

If the phone costs over $300 a month ago but currently you can find the Z17 lite offered at Geekbuying in Black_Gold and Blue color for a fantastic price of $$287.89 after redeeming this coupon code: UBIAZ17LPACK and it is valid for both color variants. If you wish to acquire this Smartphone, which will take you to the links we leave you above.



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