Nubia Z20 Review: A New Dual-Display, Snapdragon 855+, Incredible Design


Nubia’s latest flagship series Z20 has come to our hands. Whether it can continue the innovation of Nubia Z series in the image is the key to our experience. Nubia Z20 Parameter Table CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus RAM 6/8GB ROM 128GB/512GB Screen Main Screen: 6.42″ FHD+, Flexible AMOLED, 19.55:9.

Deputy screen: 5.1 inches HD +, flexible AMOLED camera 48 Megapixel main camera +1600 megapixel ultra-wide-angle telephoto +800 megapixel network standard dual card dual VoLTE 4G color pole beating in the darkness / light sea blue/koi red battery and charging 4000mAh, Support 27W PD fast charge ID dual-screen design, double fingerprint.

In terms of configuration, the Nubia Z20 is fully compliant with its flagship level. In addition to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, it also replaced the 48 Megapixel IMX 586 sensor, and more importantly, the Z series used dual-screen design for the first time, so we are also very much looking forward to the actual performance of the Nubia Z20.

Design & Appearance

In the previous article, we discussed the two technical directions of a true full-screen mobile phone, either to make a lifting camera to solve the self-timer problem; or to add one more screen directly behind the mobile phone, so that even the front camera is saved. Just like the Nubia X mobile phone, the Nubia Z20 in our hands obviously chose the dual-screen solution before and after.

On the front of the Nubia Z20, the largest body is the 6.42-inch FHD+ flexible hyperboloid AMOLED screen. The 19.5:9 ratio makes the screen look very slender and the screen ratio is quite high. The true full-screen design without bangs is obviously superior to the value of the face, and there is a sense of freshness that keeps the cloud open and sees the moon. The curvature of the curved surface on both sides of the mobile phone also greatly enhances the grip of the mobile phone and does not cause discomfort such as cutting hands. The borders on both sides of the screen are also very narrow, and the black border control is ideal.

Turning over the back and another screen slowly lighting up, this is the biggest design feature of the Nubia Z20. The screen is located under the camera, and the 5.1-inch flexible AMOLED can guarantee excellent display performance and can complete many different functions such as self-timer and payment.

I am most satisfied with the design of the camera part of the Nubia Z20. The center is horizontal and the words are lined up. The beauty of the symmetrical balance is pleasing to the eye. In other respects, the two side fingerprints are on the left and right sides. After clicking, they light up different screens. Although the side fingerprints don’t look amazing, the ultra-high recognition rate experience can still be separated from the screen fingerprint recognition. difference. By the way, this phone does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The screen on the back is very concealed, and there is almost no notice that a screen is inside during normal use. With this sub-screen, you can also support the fast WeChat, Alipay scan code function, convenient for your daily use. If you are a user with a personal personality, this sub-screen can also have a unique scene lighting effect. When you are on the phone, listening to music, playing games, the secondary screen can achieve the effect of animation or text, so is it more immersive for your experience?


Since the Nubia Z5, the DNA of photography has been flowing in the blood of Nubia. The title of the mobile phone SLR is from Z5. On the Z20, the Z family’s strongest three-shot system finally arrived.

The Nubia Z20 uses Sony’s 48 megapixels OIS optical image stabilization main lens, supplemented by a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera, up to 30 times digital zoom and a maximum 122.2° super wide-angle, allowing it to have the ability to cover the entire focal length. In the main shooting, equipped with the flagship Sony IMX 586 sensor, 1/2-inch sensor size, maximum F / 1.7 aperture, so that it has very good shooting skills.

On the Nubia Z20, the Nubia family has been retained, and some interesting features such as AI cameras, streamer shutters, etc. have been retained on this product. Unfortunately, the Nubia Z20’s AI camera does not support zooming, only the main camera can be called, and it is hoped that this feature will be fixed in later firmware updates.

The biggest difference between AI camera and non-AI camera in imaging is whether the color is gorgeous or not. When the AI ​​camera mode is not turned on, the photo gives a neutral image that looks slightly less saturated overall. When the AI ​​camera is turned on, it is more to adjust the color to further polish the photo and make the photo look more transparent.

In the ultra-wide-angle software correction, after the correction of the fuselage, the Nubia Z20 can achieve almost perfect super wide-angle horizontal and vertical, which is a good thing for super wide-angle imaging, users no longer have to worry about the pillow type. Or a scene shot by a barrel distortion image.

The Nubia Z20 has a very good automatic HDR capability, and with the super-wide angle to provide a strong sense of spatial extension, the Nubia Z20 can be well expressed regardless of architecture or landscape. (PS: Since the AI ​​camera does not support the super wide-angle mode, the user still needs to perform some mild post-grading after shooting. The preset filter of Snapseed and other software may be a very good choice for you.

In addition to the super wide-angle, the Nubia Z20 has a digital zoom of up to 30X. We selected 3X, 5X and 10X which have been fully graded on the camera for testing.

In the default original zoom level, 3X and 5X photo images are still very solid, and some of the large textures of the leaves are at an acceptable level; when coming to 10X, the resolution of the photos appears to be certain. Decline, making the photo look a certain illusion. Overall, in terms of zoom capability, the Nubia Z20 still reached the upper-middle level of the current mobile phone.

In color, it may not be the most vivid color, but it wins in the true, full of details, plus the most neutral color tuning, which is what the Nubia Z20 brings to users.

Since it is a mobile phone that can shoot stars, the surprise that the Nubia Z20 brings to people at night is self-evident.

In the normal mode, Guangzhou at 3 o’clock in the morning is dark, only to see the yellowish street lights and the lights that have not been extinguished in the distance. What secrets are hidden in the dark? Let us open the night scene mode of the Nubia Z20.

After turning on the night scene mode, the Nubia Z20 is like a plug-in. The trees and grass in the dark are clearly visible, and the grass and road illuminated by the yellowish street lights are very good in the photos. Reappearance; in some extremely dark parts, the Nubia Z20 did not forcefully brighten, maintaining certain darkness to ensure contrast.

In terms of self-timer, I have seen good looks and seen good colors, but it is really the first time to use the Sony IMX 586 as a self-portrait lens.

With this outsole sensor, the resolution of the self-portrait photo has been greatly improved. Although the photo only has 12 Megapixels turned on, the texture of the photo is not worse than the 16-megapixel pre-shooting; and the outsole sensor is used. The Nubia Z20 is more capable of shooting depth of field than the usual products.

Hardware & Performance

Some time ago, Qualcomm officially announced the upgraded version of the Xiaolong 855 – Xiaolong 855 Plus. Compared with the Snapdragon 855, the most obvious improvement of the Snapdragon 855 Plus is that the CPU frequency is increased from 2.84GHz to 2.96GHz, which is a 4.2% increase. The GPU is also upgraded to the high-frequency version of the Adreno 640, which is a 15.4% increase. Not much change.

The Snapdragon 855 has a very strong performance, so we have reason to expect the higher performance of the Snapdragon 855 Plus. The Nubia Z20 is equipped with an 8GB+512GB storage combination, so you don’t have to delete photos and clear memory at regular intervals.

In terms of theoretical running points, Geekbench scored 3,063 points and multi-core scores of 11038 points; 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1 scored 5,892 points, a slight increase compared to Xiaolong 855, while Vulkan scored 5,079 points, basically the same as Snapdragon 855. Under the new version of the rating system, the Nubia Z20 with the Snapdragon 855 Plus has a total score of 445,936 antutu, and the score of the running score is quite obvious.

Combining theory with practice, we opened the “Elite of Peace” test. We set all the screen settings to the highest, and the performance of the Nubia Z20 equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus did not disappoint us. The whole process was stable for 60 frames and the game experience was excellent.

In addition to the powerful hardware, the Nubia Z20 also has a built-in game space, integrated with a series of game-optimized features, such as turning off automatic brightness, blocking notifications, etc., allowing players to concentrate on enjoying the fun of e-sports.

In the game space, slide left on the right side of the screen to call out the professional game control panel, real-time control of the phone status, free choice of performance mode, as well as super screenshots, screen recording, screen hang-up, etc., even during the game You can also know the situation of your mobile phone and easily master the game battlefield.


The Nubia Z20 is powered by nubia UI7.0 based on Android P. The system interface continues the predecessor style, UI design and wallpaper have not changed much in visual design, but the addition of some new features has made nubia’s ease of use improved.

Nubia Z20 has joined the widely acclaimed game space function on the Red Devils 3. After opening the game space, you can master the status of the mobile phone in real-time, and the key parameters are fully open so that the Nubia Z20 can easily help you fight the battlefield. However, because there is no physical button set, we can help you manually open the game space in the control bar.

The Nubia Z20 adopts a dual-screen design, which is comfortable to hold. How to make mobile phone interaction is a difficult problem. At this point, Nubia continues the well-received border interaction function. Other button activation methods, the pressure frame hand-holding method is more convenient, and also conforms to the design of the mobile phone hyperbolic screen. With a long grip, you can switch between the main and secondary screens, and you can start a specified application such as Maverick voice, screen capture, or other custom applications with two grips.

Of course, the pressure frame can also be set by the user to achieve more comfortable human-computer interaction. As far as I am concerned, the short grip setting is used to notify the center, and the long grip pressure wakes up the Maverick voice. There is also a cool new lock function such as a palm lock screen. These interactions are considered to be quite competitive designs in many systems.

I believe that you will have such an experience. When you watch the video, you will suddenly receive a message reminder, then you can open it with a small window, but if we receive a message reminder while chatting? If you push the message, you will definitely jump to another program. At this time, the secondary screen of the Nubia Z20 will come in handy. Turn the screen to open the corresponding program to view the notification, and the current chat message does not interfere with each other. There is no need to switch applications back and forth.

The secondary screen can customize the exclusive space of various application collections according to our usage habits, and create the secondary screen space through the customized application. For me, it is recommended to add WeChat and Alipay payment codes, travel codes, express information and travel. information. If you are a road idiot, you can also add navigation functions, customize the secondary screen closer to our usage habits, and bring us more convenient human-computer interaction in daily use.

Of course, the functions of the Nubia Z20 sub-screen are not limited to these. The AOD content can be displayed on both the front and the back screens, that is, different contents can be set separately. The Z20’s secondary screen can also be like the first wristwatch in Nubia. It can customize the scene lighting effect, and the personality is bursting and full of movement. When you are talking, listening to music, playing games, leaving the endless to eat melons. Delusion.

During the call, the secondary screen displays the atmosphere of the call (movement, text, etc.); when playing music, the secondary screen follows the music to display the rhythmic effect; when playing, the secondary screen displays the cool lighting effect similar to the red magic game mobile phone, the secondary screen of the game state The corresponding animation feedback effect can also be given according to the user’s finger touch.

The Nubia Z20 adopts the same left and right double-sided fingerprint recognition function as the Nubia X. In order to realize the double-curved palm arc, the Nubia Z20 depth polishes the thickness of the frame and strives to achieve the ultimate balance between the thickness of the frame and the grip. The actual unlocking speed is 0.1s, and it is necessary to press any fingerprint on the side to complete the unlocking, application encryption, and screen-out calling the payment code function, which is convenient and quick.

Verdict & Buy

For the Nubia Z20, in addition to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus platform, in terms of performance, the photo is also closely followed by the trend to join the 48 Megapixel and three-photo configuration, in the final performance It is also remarkable.

I think the biggest improvement of this phone is the continuation of the ultimate pursuit of mobile video in the Nubia Z series. In the past few years, the entire mobile phone market has spent more and more energy on taking pictures. As the masterpiece of Nubia, the Z20 is just the beginning.

Here are buying information: 

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