Nubia Z20 Smartphone Real Images Leaked with High Screen to Body Ratio


Today we have seen the real design of Nubia Z20 with quite high screen to body ratio, it will be released on Augus 8, in Beijing.

According to the image, Nubia Z20 smartphone has a large screen, but no front camera, it is said that Nubia Z20 will use main screen and second screen design, as we know, Nubia X used dual screen design.And previously the CEO of Nubia tech Ltd. Ni Fei claimed the flagship should have as powerful front camera as back camera, whether taking pictures about scenery, people, or taking photos in the day or at night, or taking selfie, Nubia Z20 can be excellent, which can deal with different scene. It is said that Nubia Z20 has been leaked on July 3.

Today Nubia official has also leaked the release data of Nubia Z20, the lucky number, August 8 in Beijing. As for its other specs, right now we have to wait for its official to release more, stay tuned.


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