Nubia Z30 Pro Review: With 200 Megapixels, 120W Fast Charge


Nubia has always had its own small ideas, and it has pointed out unexpected technology trees, such as the borderless screen design of the Nubia Z series before the arrival of the full screen, and the 2.5D glass has been used to be ahead of the times. For example, the Red Devils game phone with built-in fan; For example, Nubia X with full-screen front and back; For example, the Alpha in the form of a wrist phone…

Today, two years after the release of the stunning extreme dual-screen Nubia Z20, the Nubia Z series flagship has returned with a high profile, and there is no “small cup” or “medium cup” for the time being, and it will be sent to Nubia first. Z30 Pro is such a “big cup flagship”, the next is our detailed evaluation experience.

Design & Appearance

The Nubia Z30 Pro’s screen is of good quality. It uses a 6.67-inch 20:9 AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080, supports 1.07 billion color displays, and has a maximum screen refresh rate of 144Hz.

Moreover, its screen-to-body ratio is quite high, reaching 93.45%, using the currently more popular center-mounted hole-digging full-screen solution, and the upper and lower frame widths are controlled very narrowly.

It is worth mentioning that the Nubia Z30 Pro has a relatively small screen curvature, which can further reduce the gray edges and reflection problems that are common in curved screens. Compared with most curved screen phones, the false touch problem is also improved better.

Due to the relatively small R angle, the Nubia Z30 Pro presents a visual feature of the outer square and inner circle, which is conducive to enhancing the visual immersion, but the display of the screen is different from the large R angle model.

The unique “circular runway” upper and lower middle frame design can even allow the Nubia Z30 Pro to stand upright on the desktop. Looking at the back of the fuselage, a piece of AG glass that is not easy to stick to fingerprints occupies the main body. At the same time, a small piece of bright glass is covered on the right side of the camera matrix, which is considered to be a collision of two processes. The camera area of ​​the Nubia Z30 Pro is quite large, and the uppermost layer of the entire camera area is covered by a complete glass cover.

In terms of grip, the Nubia Z30 Pro has a body length of 161.83 mm, a width of 73.01 mm, and a thickness of 8.5 mm. The weight is controlled at 198 grams. Since the left and right sides of the back cover are designed with curved surfaces as a transition, and the body is relatively narrow, it is quite friendly for users with small hands.



Whether in the past or present, there is no doubt about the fierce performance of Nubia’s mobile phones. This work uses the most popular Snapdragon 888+ LPDDR5+UFS3.1 combination among the current Android flagships.

The Snapdragon 888 is manufactured using Samsung’s 5nm process, with eight cores in the CPU. The Cortex-X1, the first super core architecture equipped with ARM, is clocked at the traditional 2.84GHz. There are also three performance-level cores with the A78 architecture. All are 2.40GHz, and the energy efficiency core of four A55 architectures, the main frequency is 1.80GHz, and it also integrates Adreno 660 GPU.

Game measurement

“Peace Elite” does not open the 90-frame mode option for the Nubia Z30 Pro, so the current maximum full frame limit of the machine is 60FPS, basically keeping it running at full frame.

In order to “squeeze dry” the performance release and heat dissipation capacity of the Nubia Z30 Pro, we chose an open-world game “Pharaoh” that connects Android, iOS and PC to test the machine. As for how much this game really is. You can look at Hengping on our previous four flagship platforms of “The Original God” for mobile phones.

In the following test, we adjusted the brightness for Nubia Z30 Pro to 70%, silent use, the picture quality is “extremely high quality”, the motion blur is turned off, and the room temperature is about 30°C during the test.

Original God” frame rate monitoring

Body temperature

For a 10-minute game, the average frame rate of “Original God” can reach 57.9 frames, which is close to a full-frame, and the body temperature can reach 47°C. In general, the Nubia Z30 Pro can still run the current mainstream games smoothly, and The temperature control is relatively excellent among the flagship video phones.


In recent years, the number of cameras on mobile phones has increased, but the experience has often not changed much with the surge in the number of cameras. For example, many of the current large numbers of four-camera models are “super macro”, “depth of field” and other imaging quality worrying or most of the time do not participate in the imaging “decorative sub-photograph.”

The Nubia Z30 Pro completely abandoned this routine. It uses a three-camera four-array rear camera module, which is a 64MP super wide-angle main camera, a 64MP super sensitive main camera, equivalent to 35mm. The main camera of 64MP and an 8MP periscope telephoto.

Insufficient daylight conditions, the hardware specifications of the three main cameras of the Nubia Z30 Pro are relatively close, and the multi-camera consistency is good, and the picture quality, color, white balance, etc. are all on the same level. Among them, the ultra-wide-angle image quality is the most commendable. It not only has a wide viewing angle of 120° and a sharp performance similar to that of the main camera but also the edge image quality is good.


The periscope telephoto performance of the Nubia Z30 Pro should not be underestimated, even in the evening when the light is relatively insufficient, the sharpness and tone performance is excellent, and the degree of restoration is quite good. In low light, the imaging effect of the main camera of the Nubia Z30 Pro is slightly better at night.

Exclusive gameplay of shooting stars

1x Main

2x Main

We noticed that the Nubia Z30 Pro and the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly created a set of astronomical imaging systems. It is said to use the big data of the stellar research team + Nubia’s self-developed AI algorithm to allow users to save Wait for several hours of exposure time to realize the second-star track and record the galaxy.


Under normal circumstances, professional photographers often need to stay away from cities with dense artificial light sources when shooting star trails, and run to open or high-altitude areas with large and small bags of photography equipment, relying on certain starry sky photography experience to obtain materials. Moreover, these materials also require complex post-processing and synthesis.


Night Mode

Nubia Z30 Pro provides a hand-held Miaopai star trails gameplay-turn on the phone, select the shooting scene, whether it is day or night, turn on the Miaopai star trail function with one button, and immediately image in three seconds to draw real star trails in real-time. Whether it’s the Polaris concentric circle, or the super wide-angle star trails, etc., you can get it out with one click.

For professional starry photographers, this function can provide a preview of the composition, so that they can use professional equipment for more precise adjustments. For beginner starry sky enthusiasts, the hand-held Miaopai star trails can be imaged instantly and feel the special charm of the starry sky.

Different from the traditional AI sky changing software, the Nubian Imaging Research Institute and the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly introduced the data of more than 20,000 bright stars in the galaxy table as support, which can ensure the rigor and truth of the starry sky material Sex.

In addition to handheld star tracks, Nubia Z30 Pro can also be used to change the sky in one second, changing various night colors such as the Milky Way, aurora, and super moon at any time.


The Nubia Z30 Pro uses a combination of 120W super fast charge and a 4200mAh battery. The fast charge is considered to have reached the peak level of the Nubia Z series. I believe it will be difficult for other models to surpass in the next few years.

Next, we will conduct a simple test of its battery life through online video. I use the Bilibili client to play online barrage video with 30% volume and 75% brightness. After an hour of actual measurement, about 9% of the electricity was consumed.

Nubia Z30 Pro comes with a 120W GaN original charger, and it only takes 21 minutes to recover blood from 1% to 100%. The blood can be recovered to 52% in 10 minutes, so that the charging speed can allow users to charge at any time, and quickly return to full blood at any time, avoiding battery life anxiety.


The imaging capabilities of the Nubia Z series flagships are often emphasized by the Z series flagships. In particular, the playability is almost unmatched. Nowadays, the development of imaging is always emphasized. The machine uses a four-shot combination of main camera + ultra-wide-angle lens + humanistic lens + telephoto lens. And the main camera and periscope telephoto both support OIS optical image stabilization, which is undoubtedly luxurious in terms of hardware specifications. In particular, the ultra-wide-angle quality of ultra-high pixels far exceeds that of ordinary ultra-wide-angle lenses of ordinary models.

Moreover, Nubia has been madly playing the “tech tree” over the years. Although Nubian mobile phones have the ability to shoot stars, they have a certain threshold for shooting and require professional equipment to achieve ideal shooting results. This time, the Nubia Z30 Pro has added a second shooting option for the star trails and starry sky shooting modes. The logic behind it is basically the same as the “moon mode” that everyone has learned before, which is quite interesting for ordinary white users.

Whether it is the paper parameters or the actual holding, the weight and thickness control of the Nubia Z30 Pro have reached the conventional level, and because the body is narrower, it is convenient to hold it with one hand.

The performance combination of Snapdragon 888+LPDRR5+UFS3.1 is not surprising. Of course, there is no problem in dealing with daily use or game use. Somewhat surprisingly, the Nubia Z30 Pro has no reservations about the fast charging scheme this time. It is directly charged with 120W super fast charging. At the same time, the 120W GaN charger is directly included in the box, no need to purchase it separately. The measured speed of full blood in 21 minutes is superb.

In other respects, in addition to the absence of wireless charging, which is a little regrettable, the Nubia Z30 Pro also has everything such as a multi-function NFC, Wi-Fi 6E, dual speakers, and so on. You can start to experience it.

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