OBTAIN C-FLY F803 Cheap DJI Mavic Clone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


The new OBTAIN C-FLY F803 drone is arguably the boldest copy of the famous DJI Mavic Pro drone. We have already seen several attempts to clone the Mavic Pro but no attempt has been as audacious as the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone. Taking advantage of a foldable design and therefore easy to carry, the C-Fly Obtain F803 will be able to capture professional quality shots but also videos in 1080p resolution thanks to its 5.0MP HD camera and 3 gimbal axes.


The entire optics was stolen almost 1: 1, even small details were stolen and implemented. The VISUO XS809W drone is also very similar to the Mavic Pro but the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone tops it all up again. This clone is a foldable drone. The propeller arms can be folded together so that you can transport the quadrocopter space-saving. In terms of color, the new C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone is available in black or white. There are in addition to the common look further similarities, but also large differences. Compared to the VISUO XS809W, the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone tries to get close to the Mavic Pro run, also in terms of its functionality. She succeeds relatively well, but there are also striking differences in the range of functions and features.

The dimensions of the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone are unfolded approx. 502 x 455 x 94 mm and collapsed approx. 217 x 102 x94 mm. The weight including battery is 810 grams. Although the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone offers significantly fewer functions and features than the DJI Mavic Pro, it still has a great and attractive price-performance ratio. You get a surprisingly great quadrocopter for relatively little money. The top speed is 54 km / h and the 3800 mAh strong battery ensures a flight time of an amazing 26 minutes. In reality, it is more like 22 minutes, which is still excellent in the price category.


Instead of a 12-megapixel camera, the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone “only” has a 5-megapixel camera. However, the camera has a 3-axis gimbal, which many Mavic Pro Clones do not have. With the camera, you can already make great HD recordings. You can take photos and record videos. Thanks to the 3-axis gimbal, the pictures are almost wobble-free and always straight. This Mavic Pro Clon also has an FPV function. The live images of the camera can be sent in real time to the pilot’s smartphone. Your own smartphone can be mounted on the included remote control. The matching app is available for iOS and Android for free. Thanks to the FPV function, the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone can be controlled from a cockpit perspective. So you get a completely new perspective on your own environment.

The FPV image has a 720p HD quality, the video recordings a 1080p Full HD quality and the photos a 2560 x 1440 pixel quality. The radio range is a maximum of 500 meters. At the push of a button on the remote control, she automatically returns to the starting point, which also does it when the battery is too low. The C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone is a great quadcopter with an attractive price-performance ratio.


Here the chaff separates from the wheat. Although the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone has great features and features, the DJI Mavic Pro cannot hold its own. However, one must also consider the large price difference, because the clone is much cheaper. A GPS function is integrated so that the flight is calm and precise. Thanks to the GPS function, the C-FLY OBTAIN F803 quadrocopter can hover on its own, keeping the altitude and position autonomous if no control commands are issued. This simplifies the flight and helps to take more stable aerial photographs. The C-FLY OBTAIN F803 drone has several intelligent flight modes. It can follow the pilot independently (Follow Me), orbit an object (point of interest) or depart waypoints (waypoints).


At $298.79 the OBTAIN C-FLY F803 is only half the cost of the DJI Mavic. It looks like a Mavic and has a lot of features of the Mavic. It, however, is not a Mavic. The Mavic is an incredibly impressive machine. But it costs twice as much as the Obtain. If the Obtain is half as impressive as the Mavic it would still be a pretty good deal, right? You Can buy  OBTAIN C-FLY F803  From RCMoment at $298.79 if you use this Coupon Code: F803


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