Oclean Black Friday Sale – a Crazy offer Up To 40% OFF Discount on the Smart Toothbrush


Dental problems are very unpleasant and put a heavy burden on the wallet during treatment. That is why it is so important to take care of the oral cavity from an early age. You need to brush your teeth every day, and you need to do it with the right tools. The Oclean team dealing with oral care products has announced a Black Friday sale, within the framework of which you can buy electric toothbrushes from the manufacturer’s official store at a great discount for a few days. With a promotional campaign that will allow you to buy some of its smart toothbrushes at a special price.

For the occasion, the company’s amazon store will allow you to take advantage of exclusive discounts on its products until 28 November.

There are five devices, on sale for Black Friday sale, first is Oclean X Pro Elite at $69.99 and, Oclean X Pro Elite Set at $104.99, The Oclean X Pro Elite is a high-end smart toothbrush that helps keep your pearly whites nice and bright. To ensure the deepest clean possible, the motor spins at the speed of sound, delivering a maximum of 84,000 movements/min. Using new WhisperClean™ technology, it also emits just 45dB when operating at full power and actively analyses your brushing in real time using an ingenious AI algorithm and a neat 0.96-inch touchscreen display.

Second is Oclean Flow at $24.49/ Oclean Flow Set at $34.99, Oclean Flow comes with a signature eye-catching design, inspired by the soothing lapping ocean waves, and unmatched performance. Oclean Flow electric toothbrush is tailored to help users improve their oral hygiene and build the confidence to show off their teeth! The brush works through plaque with ease and comes with a useful 2-minute brush timer; 5 unique brushing modes, and a reliable, long-lasting battery with a 2500 mAh capacity; which lasts on standby for a whopping 180 days!

Third is Oclean X Pro at $62.99, Oclean X Pro features a built-in gyroscope that is capable of detecting motion, angle, and pressure. Instantly generates the brushing reports including the brushing score; brushing time, and most importantly the blind zone reminder, which is upgraded to be divided into 8 areas. Innovative 0.96” color LCD touch screen for easy and intuitive operation. Simply set the mode, level, and timezone with a few swipes. Monitor your teeth-brushing quality through the report directly displayed on the screen after brushing. This is the first smart electric toothbrush series to put all the information you need in your palm. Powered by the new generation Maglev Brushless Motor; Oclean X Pro delivers up to 84,000 movements per minute and a maximum 220gf.cm torsion advanced over other regular electric toothbrushes. Brings powerful and thorough oral cleaning experience.

Fourth is Oclean Air 2 Ultra Quiet Toothbrush at $34.99, The Oclean Air 2 electric toothbrush improves cleaning and is pleasant to use quietly Suitable for yourself or as a gift for loved ones. Electric toothbrushes improve the quality of brushing, but many people need time to get used to them. Therefore, the manufacturer has provided two modes: gentle and normal. The first one is suitable for people using the gadget for the first time or for those with sensitive teeth and gums. The second mode is accompanied by more intense vibrations, which help in effective cleaning.

The electric brush motor emits a characteristic noise during operation; but in the case of Oclean Air 2, it does not exceed 45dB; while in the case of counterparts from other companies it is often around 65dB. To achieve this, the manufacturer has developed a special algorithm to suppress motor noise. This will make the cleaning process less unpleasant. The brush is IPX7 rated, so you can wash it under water without worry. For charging, there is a small docking station with a magnet attachment. A full charge provides up to 30 days of battery life, and the charging process takes just 2.5 hours. Oclean Air 2 is available in white, purple, green, and pink to match your personal preferences or bathroom decor.

And now the best part at the end, Oclean Endurance at $17.49, The Oclean Endurance sonic brush functions on the principle of sonic vibrations to get gentle yet effective movement and circulation. The Oclean Endurance is entry-level and beginner-friendly. Its 7-day novice mode helps novices to adapt to the process of using an electric toothbrush; you can also press the power button for 2 seconds to skip this function. The DuPont brush head with premium bristles and a dedicated tongue cleaner offer you an even healthier and more hygienic toothbrushing experience. This rechargeable toothbrush features an ultra-powerful and industry-leading maglev motor producing 72,000 movements per minute. 2 brushing modes: Gentle and Clean, to meet daily personal brushing preference to efficiently remove food debris and stains; deep cleaning along with the gum line and teeth for a brighter smile.

With five electric smart toothbrushes, Oclean is one of the world’s leading experts in the oral health industry; and their innovative approach continues to garner universal acclaim.


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