Oclean W1 Electric Toothbrush Released: Aerobic Intermittent Use Once Addictive


Oclean W1 portable intelligent aerodynamic dental Toothbrush was released, priced at 799 yuan. Oclean W1 dental flushing device uses a new dynamic technology that can intermittently aerobic flushing teeth, spraying once, caring for the gums, flushing out the residue between the teeth, and refreshing the breath.   In terms of principle, the air is compressed at high speed and sprayed at high speed. The high-speed air stream mixes the air into the water and continuously sprays oxygen-containing bubbles. The water flow in the power storage tank is taken out and sprayed after mixing to clean the teeth and periodontal pockets.

The W1 dental flusher has 9 levels of strength to choose from. The official also went to the cooperative dental clinic and invited some cooperating patients to invite them to use the Oclean W1 dental flusher. Those with crimps, sensitive gums, and even pregnant women can also use them.

At the same time, the gingival protection nozzle used by the dental flushing device can be rotated 360°, and the 45° arc is closer to the gap between the teeth. The more intimate design is that there is silicone on the top, which is safer when it is close to the gums.

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With a small water tank design, it can be flushed about 160 times when it is filled once, and mouthwash can be used directly. In terms of battery life, 3 hours full charge, 30 days of battery life, support magnetic charging.


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