Oclean X Pro Elite – A smart electric toothbrush that helps you have proper hygiene, with a coupon (video)


Oral hygiene is very important. This can be told by everyone and especially from your dentist, as a specialist. Yes, you can do your job with a simple toothbrush, but the better, the most complete and the most proper way to take care of your teeth is with a special smart electric toothbrush. And what I had in mind was the latest model from Oclean, the Oclean X Pro Elite. The electric toothbrush, for me is not something unknown to be honest. My last electric toothbrush that I had, because now I kept Oclean’s X Pro Elite, was from Xiaomi, which I had taken before some time to be honest it was time to be replaced. In fact, in the video I have for you below, I put them side by side, for one last time before I throw away the Xiaomi. Oclean is a well-known company for its toothbrushes and not only, all of very high quality as far I know, with very good features.

The smart electric toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite, came without any problem with customs, from their store. A nice box, gray, where on top it had a photo of the toothbrush and on the back its technical characteristics.

Opening the package inside it had in addition to the Oclean X Pro Elite smart electric toothbrush, the charging cradle, a magnetic wall mount, and a manual in several languages. My toothbrush came initially uncharged, so in about 2.5 hours it was ready to use.

The smart electric toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite, comes in a slightly gray color, while the surface of the toothbrush is textured so that you can hold it more easily and it does not slip. Its size is 2.4 x 2.4 x 24.8 cm. The toothbrush is waterproof and IPX7 certified. It can work in temperatures of -20 to 40 ℃ and has a 6-axis gyroscope, as well as a motor controller for the Pure tone / 2.0 toothbrush motor. It has its own operating system, Oclean OS, through which you can navigate and choose one of 16 cleaning levels. Yes, the Oclean X Pro Elite smart electric toothbrush has a touch screen, as you will see in the video, through which you choose how you want to use the toothbrush. So you can choose to simply massage your gums, clean your teeth, whiten them and beyond that the functions I told you have power levels to choose from. You can also choose how long the toothbrush will work. A good cleaning time is 2 minutes, something I recommend you do when you get it. If you set the toothbrush for cleaning, and use it twice a day for 2 minutes as I told you, the 800mAh battery will last for 35 real days! You will then place it on the PW01 wireless charging cradle to charge it. The toothbrush, as I told you, also has a magnetic support base for the wall, where it sticks with double adhesive tape and you place the toothbrush there, above anything that can mess it up and without necessarily having a bench in the bathroom to leave it on. I have to admit that this was a very practical and clever idea which I really liked and of course I use. Just to add, it would be great if there was the extra possibility that this base would also become a base for wireless charging, so that you would be completely free from this story, since it would be done automatically every time. The toothbrush is completely silent! In the video you will see it next to the Xiaomi I had before and you will understand what I am telling you. The minimum noise is <45dB, the brush has a maximum torque of 220 gf.cm and a maximum frequency of 42000 rpm.

The smart toothbrush, in addition to the functions that you can set from the touch screen on it, is also connected to the corresponding application on the mobile phone, where you can also manage it, change the settings, see how well you have brushed your teeth, update its firmware. You can download the application from the Google Playstore or the Apple Store.

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I’m sure you will like the Oclean X Pro Elite smart electric toothbrush, so you can get any of the three variations using a coupon, in order to get a 8% OFF.

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